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  1. Jun 2016
    1. To what extent can social media function as a space of democratic participation?

      So wild to be considering this question while we use Hypothesis! Does using this social annotation app make the reading process more dialogic? More democratic? More communal? More empowering? Does it enable readers to contribute back instead of just consume?

    2. If students live in a culture that digitizes and educates them through a screen, they require an education that empowers them in that sphere, teaches them that language, and offers new opportunities of human connectivity.

      If screens are ubiquitous, then students (all of us?) need to develop literacies that will allow us to use media in ways that help us be heard.

    3. Knowledge emerges in the interplay between multiple people in conversation — brushing against one another in a mutual and charged exchange or dialogue.

      Dialogic. I wonder: is knowledge possible without dialogue?

    4. I dare someone to explain this awesome sentence.

    5. it is “a social justice movement first, and an educational movement second.”

      For those of you who plan to teach, do you think your future career is as much about social justice as it is about education? I guess in my mind, those two terms are often synonymous...