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  1. Sep 2020
    1. synthesize

      To synthesize in definition is create something chemically. This means that if out of 118 elements, 20 of those are man-made via a nuclear reactor and/or a particle accelerator. These elements are unstable because they are built upon fusing an Atom's nucleus with more proton's than it may usually have which causes the stability to become dangerously chaotic as it is not natural for the element. This is the building block for the Atomic Bombs creation.

  2. Apr 2020
  3. May 2017
    1. We will do this by investing time and energy, rather than money, building a distributed community of peer learners, and a strongly vetted collection of best practices. Our project complements others’ work on sites like Wikiversity and P2PU, but with an applied flavor. It is somewhat similar to Y Combinator and other start-up accelerators or incubators, but we’re doing it the commons based peer production way.

      Talked about this at the May 28 Peeragogy in Action session.