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  1. May 2023
  2. Mar 2023
    1. Should we build an A.G.I. that loves the Proud Boys, the spam artists, the Russian troll farms, the QAnon fabulists?

      What features would be design society towards? Stability? Freedom? Wealth? Tolerance?

      How might long term evolution work for societies that maximized for tolerance given Popper's paradox of tolerance?

  3. Oct 2019
    1. The art piece portrays Native Americans as cold killers since the man is smoking, something relaxing and mundane, while holding the scalping knife. The piece could display a favor of the Paxton Boys, since the Native American is depicted as dangerous. The backcountry farmers therefore appear as the victims of the murderers. Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix, S.J. is the author and was a French Jesuit priest and historian who traveled often. He got to set the standard for how people thought of Native Americans since he got to determine how the Natives were depicted to people elsewhere through the stories of his travels. I read that he wrote one of the earliest descriptions of North America and was sent on a religious expedition to Canada. Since he was interested in spreading Catholicism, I'd imagine he would want to depict Native Americans as killers whose souls could perhaps be redeemed by conversion. Due to this, the uprising could be seen as necessary to keep other lives from being taken by the killers, those who could kill while still continuing to smoke their pipe.

  4. Jan 2018
  5. Jun 2016
    1. But even if being in PUP sounds like a living nightmare for Babcock, it’s all he’s got. Gig or no gig, he’s waking up most mornings on the floor with more apologies than dollars in the bank, coming to the same conclusion over and over again: that voice in my head telling me I’m a loser was right all along.
  6. Jun 2015