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  6. Jun 2020
    1. The easiest way I've found to manage that is to copy hardware-configuration.nix and a minimal version of configuration.nix and import it into the NixOps config for the corresponding machine. (I keep them in a git submodule, but keeping them in the same repo could also make sense.) 1 Pick your reaction

      If I understood it correctly, take the hardware-configration.nix from the target machine, and put it into the NixOps config.

      Also relevant: Minimal NixOS config for Nixops deployment (discourse)

  7. Dec 2019
    1. The IdentitiesOnly yes is required to prevent the SSH default behavior of sending the identity file matching the default filename for each protocol. If you have a file named ~/.ssh/id_rsa that will get tried BEFORE your ~/.ssh/id_rsa.github without this option.
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    1. Remote Config now lets you use combinations of Analytics user properties to create conditions, allowing you to customize your app for segments of your user base that you have defined
  10. May 2018
    1. 你可以使用传入type=的方式来使用Opt类,或者直接使用其对应类型的子类例如StrOpt类,如果配置项值无法解析成对应类型,将会抛出一个ValueError错误
      common_opts = [
          cfg.Opt( 'bind_port',
                    help='Port number to listen')
      ### 等价于
      common_opts = [
          cfg.PortOpt( 'bind_port',
                        help='Port number to listen')



  11. Apr 2018
    1. By setting $strict_export configuration variable (see gitweb.conf[5]) to true value you can allow viewing only of repositories also shown on the overview page (i.e. only projects explicitly listed in projects list file will be accessible).
  12. Sep 2017
    1. NixOS is a Linux distribution with a unique approach to package and configuration management.

      This is another approach to systems management and software as a services. I don't really understand in detail the difference between NixOS and docker, but googling NixOS vs Docker shows that its a topic that is ripe for a bunfight.

  13. Jun 2017
    1. To get it to work, you have to install it first through npm install nodemon --save-dev. After that, you can make it watch webpack config and restart WDS on change. Here's the script if you want to give it a go:

      Force your dev environment to watch updates to your webpack config!

    1. ZooKeeper snapshots can be one such a source of concurrent writes, and ideally should be written on a disk group separate from the transaction log.

      zookeeper maintains concurrency in its own way.

    2. If you do end up sharing the ensemble, you might want to use the chroot feature. With chroot, you give each application its own namespace.

      jail zookeeper instance from the other apps