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  1. Oct 2023
      • for: Indyweb, unenclosable carriers, future - of communication, Art Brock, Arthur Brock, Holochain

      • summary

        • Art Brock demystifies Holochain by discussion unenclosable carriers, the essence of Holochain.
        • Art provides an excellent, lay-person-friendly explanation of unencloseable carriers that helps contextualize
          • just how critical unencloseable carriers are to a healthy society
          • just how far away we are, even including blockchains, from a healthy society
        • this is the first of a series of 3 articles. The second article discusses how unenclosable carriers benefit major provisioning systems such as
          • food system
          • energy system
          • planetary health
  2. Nov 2022
    1. What would a secure Federated PMK / archive network backed by a minimal blockchain look like?

      Possibly like Holochain (which is distinct from the blockchain architecture). Blockchain only seems helpful if you need all of the following: - a database - immutability - distributed data - decentralized & totally trustless - append only - cryptographically secure assurance

      Confer Brandon Enright's provocative talk "Blockchain is Bullshit" for an elaboration of these features. The first 10 or so minutes is mostly uninsightful trolling, so the link takes one to his argument about the key features of blockchain.

      AFAICT, Holochain eases the feature of "decentralized", although Laurie Voss suggests that it's better to think of Bitcoin & Ethereum as "distributed" (in both the structure & control).

      In Voss' taxonomy, I suspect that Holochain's structure would be "distributed" (ie, "No total point of failure, all nodes work on shared goal") and control would be "federated" (ie, "Limited set of shared rules, multiple overlapping/conflicting rules below")

    2. I also think being able to self-host and export parts of your data to share with others would be great.

      This might be achievable through Holochain application framework. One promising project built on Holochain is Neighbourhoods. Their "Social-Sensemaker Architecture" across "neighbourhoods" is intriguing

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    1. Los conceptos de biomimética y cuna-a-cuna están ganando cada vez más atención en el diseño de productos. En América Latina la agroecología se ha convertido en un espacio de encuentro de la agricultura campesina y el diseño ecológico, a menudo en conjunto con movimientos sociales, como Vía Campesina.

      Averiguar: ¿Qué es cuna-a-cuna? y ¿Vía Campesina?