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  1. Aug 2016
    1. code is never without an ethic or an agenda.
    2. Is it possible to imagine spaces, experiences, and opportunities for our students to wed the praxis of coding with the philosophies of the humanities?
    1. Any eLearning tool, no matter how openly designed, will eventually become indistinguishable from a Learning Management System once a threshold of supported use-cases has been reached.
  2. Jun 2016
    1. my #IndieEdTech is not about personal APIs

      The personal API is interesting, but I agree: it's often out of reach of the larger audience looking to do things differently. Intentional interaction with any tool is the key.

    2. The establishment tends to pour its resources into refining or improving what it already knows. MPPC focused on the short film format. The aging studios made spectacular flops. The ed tech establishment sells next generation learning management systems and publishes on learning analytics

      This is an incredibly interesting analogy to me. So much SaaS companies are just bloating their products more and more and it's difficult for teachers and schools to choose which to use because of "feature" overload.

  3. May 2016
    1. the nature of the stream is it pushes you away from comprehension and into rhetoric. Rather than seeking to understand, the denizen of the modern Twitter or Weibo feed seeks to sort incoming information as right or wrong, helpful or unhelpful, worth retweeting or not retweeting, worth getting into a righteous rage about or not
  4. Apr 2016
    1. APIs are building blocks of software by definitionCompared with SaaS, by nature, they are platforms that allow development on top of them.It brings back the nature of “building block” that open source has and SaaS lost.API’s businesses focus on solving “smaller” problems but hard to crackFor that reason, there are higher chances that customers will trust an API provider for their core infrastructure.“If this is the only thing those guys do, there’s high chances they will do it better than myself”.

      This idea of APIs blending the best (business models) of open source and SaaS is intriguing.

    1. My point is that you don’t have to be a GitHub or Wikity expert to be #IndieEdTech.  I mean, you could be, but you don’t have to be. #IndieEdTech is bigger scene than that.

      Yes the focus on remix is key. Awesome quote.