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  1. Mar 2022
    1. Ivy versus Helm I only used Helm for a very short period of time so I'm unable to provide compare the two fairly. I never ran into issues with Helm when I did run it. The one thing I can say was there was always a nagging feeling that I wasn't using Helm to its full potential. It felt like I had my hands on a finely crafted ninja sword that could slay even the mightiest of foes with a single, effortless slash and I was using it to chop vegetables. Ivy has always felt simple and does exactly what I need it to. Its stayed out of my way for the most part and made some tasks, like switching between buffers and finding files, easy.

      Nice analogy

  2. Mar 2017
    1. It’s interesting that places like Stanford or Harvard, where Facebook was launched in a dorm room in a similar tale to Snap, Inc (right down to the lawsuit), are considered our top educational institutions when we know that the chief benefit of going to such a place is not necessarily the learning that happens, but the chance to rub elbows with people from well-resourced backgrounds.

      Yep. Not everyone who goes can benefit from this aspect...

  3. Jul 2016