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  1. Apr 2022
    1. Focus your attention on the inner loops, where the bulk of the computationsand memory accesses occur.. Try to maximize the spatial locality in your programs by reading data objectssequentially, with stride 1, in the order they are stored in memory.. Try to maximize the temporal locality in your programs by using a data objectas often as possible once it has been read from memory.


  2. Mar 2022
    1. Programs that repeatedly reference the same variables enjoy good temporallocality..For programs with stride-k reference patterns, the smaller the stride, thebetter the spatial locality. Programs with stride-1 reference patterns have goodspatial locality. Programs that hop around memory with large strides havepoor spatial locality..Loops have good temporal and spatial locality with respect to instructionfetches. The smaller the loop body and the greater the number of loop it-erations, the better the locality.

      locality 总结起来的特点是什么?

    2. Visiting every kth element of a contiguous vector is called a stride-kreference pattern. Stride-1 reference patterns are a common and important sourceof spatial locality in programs. In general, as the stride increases, the spatial localitydecreases.

      stride-k reference pattern 是指什么?