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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Kapitel 1-3: Introduktion til hovedpersonen og hendes familieforhold.Kapitel 4-6: Beskrivelse af miljøet i barndommens gade og interaktion med naboerne.Kapitel 7-9: Hovedpersonens skolegang og venskaber.Kapitel 10-12: Familiekonflikter og opvækstoplevelser.Kapitel 13-15: Ungdomsårene og de første kærlighedsoplevelser.Kapitel 16-18: Hovedpersonens drømme og ambitioner.Kapitel 19-21: Konflikter og udfordringer i voksenlivet.Kapitel 22-24: Afslutning og refleksion over livet i barndommens gade.



  2. May 2023
    1. The clinical application of the work of these disciplines is performed to improve and maintain an individual's functional capacities for physical labor, exercise, and sports. Sports medicine also includes the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries related to exercise and sports.

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  3. Dec 2022
    1. Across the Irish and UK samples, similarities and differences emerged regarding those in the population who were more likely to be hesitant about, or resistant to, a vaccine for COVID-19. Three demographic factors were significantly associated with vaccine hesitance or resistance in both countries: sex, age, and income level. Compared to respondents accepting of a COVID-19 vaccine, women were more likely to be vaccine hesitant, a finding consistent with a number of studies identifying sex and gender-related differences in vaccine uptake and acceptance37,38. Younger age was also related to vaccine hesitance and resistance.
  4. Jul 2021
  5. Mar 2020
    1. Microglia Cells and Alzheimer´s Disease,

      The picture shows how foreign agents try to disrupt healthy life processes. Reminds of sin as the universal pattern of the "destroyer from the very beginning".

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    3. What this article won't tell you is that Homeopathic Hospitals in the UK are on the decline. As science progresses and the evidence against homeopathy grows it becomes increasingly difficult to justify spending money on "witchcraft". The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee - Fourth Report Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy reached a similar conclusion, albeit in a much more politically correct verbiage. The recommendation of this report was that homeopathy shouldn't be getting public funding. The research is sound, its claims do not reflect in the data.

    1. Given the background is demonstrably incorrect with a simple search I'm not holding high hopes for the rest of this. Not only do these systematic reviews exist there is a systematic review of the systematic reviews...