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    1. Laravel framework is an open-source framework created by Taylor Otwell. It was released in 2010 and is based on the MVC(Model-view-controller) model. An MVC model gives you the chance to retrieve, insert and update any information on your data table.
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    1. It's typically a lot easier for software engineers to pull data out of a service that they use than it is for regular users. If APIs are available, we engineers can cobble together a program to pull our data out. Without APIs, we can even whip up a screen scraper to get a copy of the data. Unfortunately, for most users this is not an option, and they're often left wondering if they can get their data out at all.
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    1. In this singularity-free world, the future would be bleak for programmers. (Imagine having to cope with hundreds of years of legacy software!)

      I'm not really sure I agree with this. Regardless of whether Singularity eventually comes around or not, software will evolve. We have seen whole languages fall out of usage in the past, including Fortran, COBOL, ALGOL, etc. Developers will always be looking to get more efficient, and our current languages will either get abandoned or improved. New languages will come up and become the new standard. If anything, the future seems to be far more bleak for programmers/developers in the years after Singularity, rather than in the years leading upto it - after all, with the prevalence of docile, conscious machines,most of the work programmers do, everything from bug-fixing to data-analytics, would be done more quickly, cheaply and efficiently by the machines. In other words, in the world of singularity, programmers as we know them would no longer exist.