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  1. Jan 2019
    1. Portland State makes it easy for students to manage their campus experience wherever they are, whenever they want.  With the myPSU mobile app, it’s easy for students to find their way to class, check grades and pay a tuition bill. 

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  2. Aug 2018
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  4. Mar 2018
    1. give the university’s admissions and marketing people something distinctive they could use to sell the university to prospective students and their parents. But there’s certainly an element of faith to all of this.
  5. Nov 2017
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  9. May 2017
    1. "Integrated clusters allow us to provide the type of education, beginning at the freshman level, that integrates the learning process in such a way as to create opportunities to interact with our communities," said Donald L. Birx, PSU president. "Using open laboratories, we can work across disciplines and with community members to solve problems and challenges that give students insights into how education is relevant to the needs of the world."
  10. Apr 2017
  11. Sep 2016
    1. they could not refrain nor restrain themselves from talking to her on what they well knew she would fain be silent.

      They know she wont talk about it but they continue to presser her and "torment" her. Why could't they leave it alone, why did they feel the need force her to confirm what they already know? Were they feeling entitled to knowledge that didn't belong to them?

  12. Jul 2016
  13. Mar 2016
    1. Last semester, students from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire were asked to annotate Sigmund Freud's work as a group, and they responded much like they would on a Facebook wall. "You could see the students rolling their eyes. They were saying things like, 'Oh my God, this guy! What is his deal with women and his mother?'" Dean says. "Some of it was joking around, and some of it was high engagement with the text. That's something you would only normally see inside a really well-managed class discussion in a brick and mortar classroom."
  14. Jan 2016
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  16. Sep 2015
    1. is there any intellectually sound reason for examining arbitrarily anthologized particles of many separate tradi- tions in connection with each other

      This seems like the central question for me, and also a really direct challenge to our syllabus...