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  1. Jun 2023
    1. f more intelligence comes to our world and has our best interest in mind that's the best possible scenario you could ever imagine and it's a likely 00:19:39 scenario okay we can affect that scenario the problem of course is if it doesn't and and and then you know the scenarios become quite scary if you think about it so 00:19:50 scary smart
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          • scary smart
  2. Apr 2023
    1. In that time, public opinion shifted. People began to feel that tech companies were not just neutral hosts; they bore some responsibility for what their algorithms circulated.

      This is a big worry for me as well. In another assignment we were tasked with finding out who is behind communication and journalist companies. For most businesses it comes down to the bottom line. If social media leans towards one political party, it has the power to sway public opinion in government.

  3. Nov 2022
    1. Deprived of the buoyancy water provides, whales can literally crush themselves to death. Some collapse before they dry out — their lungs suffocating under their massive bodies

      This must've been a terrible and scary way to die no living entity should go through something like this.

      Deysy Solis

  4. Jan 2021
    1. As you already noticed, the extension does not go in an manipulate the hrefs/urls in the DOM itself. While it may seem scary to you that an extension may manipulate a URL you're navigating to in-flight, I think it's far scarier to imagine an extension reading and manipulating all of the HTML on all of the pages you go to (bank accounts, utilities, crypto, etc) in order to provide a smidgeon of privacy for the small % of times you happen to click a link with some UTM params.
  5. Oct 2020
  6. Feb 2019
    1. Princess Langwidere and her collection of heads for every moment; The Nome King and the horror of being turned into decorative tchotchkes, unable to tell your friends who you are; and the Wheelers.

      Come to mention it, this book really freaked me out also. I guess I suppressed it. Especially the tchotchkes bit (more than the heads, oddly).

  7. Feb 2017
    1. Then, using face tracking tech, you can map your face to that person’s, essentially making them do anything you want with an uncanny level of realism.


  8. Oct 2015
    1. Because fear sells. There is a market in anxiety

      This is absolutely true; drawing connections from a documentary: http://www.radicalizedmovie.com/ There is a connection to of fear and anxiety that the police/military industrial complex which presafes the condition of fear which shows time and time again when trying to overturn the capitalistic patriarchy that exists in Western society. It is fear inducing, traumatizing and exhausting when the policies in control use 'fear installed anxiety' on the common people.

  9. Apr 2015
    1. but we now face a massive human-induced extinction crisis,

      yikes! an this was written in 2002!!