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    1. buried two husbands

      This is the first remarried woman in Austen's writing. While it was discussed in Persuasion, it was in much more generic terms, and mostly regarding men. This is an interesting dynamic.

    2. poor cousin living with her

      I predict that this character will be relevant to the marriage plot. The idea of a young person in this kind of circumstance reminds us of the Crawfords or Catherine Moreland. Single individuals living with relatives have, in other Austen novels, been very relevant in the marriage plots.

    3. an additional burden

      This sentence is particularly cruel towards Clara, and represents a shift through free indiret discourse from the narrator's perspective to the perspectives of one of the characters. However, it is difficult to determine whether or not the opinion is that of Lady Denham or Mr. Parker.

    4. Charlotte listened

      This chapter is extremely unusual. It's been almost entirely exposition, but now we're tossed back into a scene in which Charlotte is listening.

    5. Michaelmas

      Michaelmas is a Christian festival taking place on September 29 which honors the archangel Michael for defeating Satan in the war in Heaven. This article contains specific British traditions and emblems from Michaelmas festivities:


    6. Miss Charlotte Heywood

      and so the marriage plot begins and the heroine is born.... I suspect

    7. fourteen children

      FOURTEEN???? I have little to add, just wanted to acknowledge

    8. The sea air and sea bathing together were nearly infallible, one or the other of them being a match for every disorder of the stomach, the lungs or the blood

      This paragraph about the healing powers of the sea seems to be a dip into romanticism. The belief that the unfiltered nature can and will do so much for you reminds me a lot of what we dealt with with Marianne and Wilhoughby. Less relevantly, I miss the ocean.

    9. unremittin
    10. liberal

      what are the connotations of this in this historical context? I'm not sure how to look this up but I'd like to know.

    11. who were sad invalids

      interesting that this is here and not in the family breakdown paragraph

    12. He had strong reason to believe that one family had been deterred last year from trying Sanditon on that account and probably very many more

      This feels like an instance of Austen's lovely and never ending sassy humor. Parker makes some big leaps here and Austen makes sure to frame it so that we'll know that.

    13. praised and puffed

      I'm really jiving with the alliteration here