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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Yet Spielberg directs her to act like a Disney princess, with oversimplified facial and vocal expressions reflecting a single unambiguous emotion at a time.

      Brody makes the Spielberg seem like he didn't do a good job with the character and how she should act which doesn't get to the point of the argument but rather is arguing that the actor didn't do well.

    2. Natalie Wood, of course, had no business playing Maria in the original film, and her irrepressible presence couldn’t salvage the dismally narrow role.

      Again, Brody is making the character of Maria seem lesser than what it is to distract you from the real argument of what is going wrong in the movie.

    3. but even here Spielberg relies on her presence to justify his superficial and reductive choices.

      Brody is attacking the Spielberg for putting a character in the moving making it seem like the only way he got the movie to be popular was from Rita Moreno.

    4. Whatever Spielberg and Kushner may have had in mind, what they deliver with this simplistic backstory is an endorsement of incarceration: the movie makes clear that Tony came out of prison a better person than he went in.

      The author tries to attack Spielberg and Kushner to make it seem like they did not make Tony the right character.

  2. Oct 2019
    1. beruht auf Unkenntnis atmosphärenphysikalischer Zusammenhänge

      Unwissenschaftlich, weil es mal wieder ein argumentum ad hominem ist.

  3. Sep 2016
    1. commenting

      From one of the Disqus comments:

      Which piece did you read?

      Though seemingly innocuous, this comment gets much closer to an ad hominem attack than to a throughtful conversation. The rest of the comment is ok, but it’s with slips like these that we get into flamewars.