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  1. Feb 2024
  2. Oct 2022
    1. Andere Sammlungen sind ihrem Verwendungszweck nie zugeführt worden. Der Germanist Friedrich Kittler etwa legte Karteikarten zu allen Farben an, die dem Mond in der Lyrik zugeschrieben worden sind. Das Buch dazu könnte jemand mit Hilfe dieser Zettel schreiben.

      machine translation (Google):

      Other collections have never been used for their intended purpose. The Germanist Friedrich Kittler, for example, created index cards for all the colors that were ascribed to the moon in poetry. Someone could write the book about it with the help of these slips of paper.

      Germanist Friedrich Kittler collected index cards with all the colors that were ascribed to the moon in poetry. He never did anything with his collection, but it has been suggested that one could write a book with his research collection.

  3. Apr 2022
    1. QuotingFriedrich Kittler, Thorn explains that the aim of such an all-encompassing approach to media is to focus on the ‘networks oftechnologies and institutions that allow a given culture to select,store, and process relevant data’ (cited in Thorn, 2008: 7).

      Has media studies looked at primary orality and the ideas of space repetition, art, dance, and mnemonics as base layers of media by which cultures created networks of knowledge and culture that they might use to select, store, process, copy, and pass along their knowledge?

  4. Oct 2020
    1. so closely connected with choice of hardware

      on se rappelle la préoccupation de Kittler pour le matériel dans sa manière d’écrire (et de commenter) le code, dans <cite>Critical Code Studies</cite> de Mark C. Marino.

      ... et à l’inverse, Kittler se préoccupe justement de la rétro-compatibilité, de la possibilité d’exécuter son code sur d’autres machines, avec une architecture logicielle/matérielle différente (ex. lorsqu’il travaille sur des systèmes x86).