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    1. Lennox argues that both rationality and morality cannot be explained without the Bible & God... Humans are naturally rational and moral beings because "Man are created in God's image" or "The Holy Spirit remains in men"

      The Holy Ghost is the reason we can tell right from wrong (spiritual anti-virus)... However, the more we sin, the more we silence this voice in our head until ultimately we cannot hear it anymore.

      No person is born a criminal. A killer.

      When we get baptized, we effectively restore our connection to God, and thus reenact the Holy Ghost within us; restoring our innocence. Our soul's integrity has been restored and we can hear the Spirit speaking to us loud and clear once again.

      As Simone Weil argued, the purpose of a punishment, an adequate one, that is, is to cleanse the taint of our behavior from ourselves... Allowing ourselves to get back into humanity without judgement. Baptism serves the same purpose on a Spiritual level... With the key difference being that it was Christ who endured the ultimate punishment, and by being baptized (willingly), we enjoy that same punishment, can reap its benefits.

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    1. the likely reason why fasting later became associated with the run-up to Easter is that people started holding baptisms at Easter. The three-week long preparation for becoming a Christian through baptism included fasting, and as baptism became more strongly associated with Easter in the fourth century AD, it is possible that fasting in the lead-up became more generalised to include people who were already Christians

      Makes a connection between fasting and Easter baptism

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    1. SheisconvincedthatBaptism&Absolutioncanneversaveher.Shewasbredecatholic.Shelistenedwithdeepattention&sometimeswithtears,lestsumner,atLePoi

      some of the Natives want to be converted, but don't think they can be

    2. thofthesamemo

      52 Native baptized at Fond du Lac in September 1835 (148 total, everywhere?)

    3. 2Indians,

      62 baptized in September by Baraga

    4. 6India

      In august of 1835, 86 Natives were baptized by Baraga

    5. onsecratedourdearbabeinbaptism.WecallherElizabethAntoinett

      Boutwell and Crooks baptize their daughter Elizabeth Antoinette

    6. henumberofmycatechuensisveryremarkable.Theyardentlylongforholybaptism,andwillreceiveitssoonastheyarebetterinstructe

      according to Baraga, the Ojibwe at La Pointe are desperate to be baptised (50 between August 2 and 9)