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  1. Nov 2019
    1. A mixed-state checkbox for React based on the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices's tri-state checkbox.
    2. The current state is passed as the prop aria-checked, which can be either true, false or 'mixed'.
  2. Jul 2018
  3. May 2018
  4. Dec 2017
  5. May 2017
    1. WAI-ARIA provides Web authors with the following:

      This is a summary of the main types of additional information which may need to be added to a page to make it accessible, which can be done by adding ARIA attributes to elements.

    2. For example, with WAI-ARIA, developers can identify regions of pages and enable keyboard users to easily move among regions, rather than having to press Tab many times.
    3. For example, if the content of a Web page changes in response to user actions or time- or event-based updates, that new content may not be available to some people, such as people who are blind or people with cognitive disabilities who use a screen reader.