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  1. Jun 2024
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    1. my favorite detail about this scene is how he's holding the coffee mug at the end. He has his hand on the hot part not by the handle, almost like a last bit of comfort/distraction, a little warmth, the very thing that brought life in the first place.

      people holding warm drinks induce "warm" feelings in viewers.<br /> teddy was alone at the dinner, so the cup of coffee was his only friend.<br /> earlier in the movie, there are at least 2 references to "this technology is the friend we need"<br /> ref 1 at the "bash liif presentation" at 0:25:30 - "all of my life's work, really i see, has been driven by an inexpressible need for a friend, who would understand and soothe me."<br /> "if i feel sad, afraid, or alone ..."<br /> 0:56:20 "lot of fear out there ... parents dont know what to say to their kids ..."<br /> "your words are a great comfort to our viewers ..."<br /> "whenever i feel afraid or alone in this, i think of you, and i just feel better"<br /> ref 2 01:18:40 "And who knows? Maybe, just maybe,<br /> one of our scientists can be that friend we all need to lean on during uncertain times."<br /> its also a personality test. in times of stress, some people prefer company (neurotic types, dependent, followers), and some people prefer solitude (psychotic types, free, leaders).

  3. Jan 2024
    1. he said to Harry Belafonte, he said, you know, I think we're going to win the battle of integration. He, I think that we will get that. But he said, but I worry that I'm integrating my people into a burning house. 00:17:26 And I think that's a perfect metaphor. I mean, you're trying to get people of color to have jobs or to own houses, but meanwhile, it's hard for anyone to own a house now with interest rates going up and prices so high. Jobs themselves are being destroyed. And so it's not enough to integrate into the economy as it is. We need to transform that economy.
      • for: quote - Martin Luther King Jr., quote racial integration alone is not enough

      • quote: Martin Luther King Jr.

        • I think we are going to win the battle of integration but i worry I'm integrating my people into a burning house
      • comment

        • It's not good enough to share in the same privileges as whites because the way that wealth supremacy works, ALL peopple suffere equally.
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    1. The "Dokkōdō" (Japanese: 獨行道) ("The Path of Aloneness", "The Way to Go Forth Alone", or "The Way of Walking Alone") is a short work written by Miyamoto Musashi a week before he died in 1645. It consists of 21 precepts. "Dokkodo" was largely composed on the occasion of Musashi giving away his possessions in preparation for death, and was dedicated to his favorite disciple, Terao Magonojō (to whom the earlier Go rin no sho [The Book of Five Rings] had also been dedicated), who took them to heart. "Dokkōdō" expresses a stringent, honest, and ascetic view of life.

      The work of Musashi, Dokkodo, is the Japanese for "The way of walking alone", which I like most as a translation.

  6. Dec 2022
    1. Twitter is our biggest driver of traffic, and it is also where we are most active.
    2. All of our traffic is organic; from social media, our blog, and word of mouth since we have not yet run any advertising campaigns.
    3. The best thing that has worked for us for growing our audience is building in the open and being transparent about everything we are doing
    4. The biggest ones are Makerlog and Women Make, but we also receive lots of support on Twitter, Indie Hackers
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    1. Its not too complicated but it is an annoyance. I want /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/rc.local and all the standard stuff to work. The heavy lifting is done in the kernel. All they need to do is leave it alone. Its getting harder to make Ubuntu behave like Linux.
  10. Jun 2020
    1. They face huge challenges,

      No shit. Just think of all the literacy modalities that someone younger has to deal with. Memes. Data visualizations. Tweets. Tiktok vids. Instagram stories. Digital annotation. Video annotation. YouTubes. Akkkk. Emojis. Gifs. Think of all the lateral communication modalities written, read, spoken that our students face daily. And the success with which most of them navigate these...well, it is extraordinary.

  11. Dec 2018
    1. all but the few girls whispering by the fence. And now I am listening hard in the grandiose silence of the snow, trying to hear what those three girls are plotting, what riot is afoot, which small queen is about to be brought down.

      I feel as if the gilr represents a world power country and that the leader/people of thi country are paranoid of other countries people. And this paranoia is transffered in these metaphors

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