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  1. Feb 2014
    1. the Phoenicians do not tell the same story about Io as the Persians

      1.5. Herodotus claims that the Phoenicians have an alternate version of the story of Io, in which she eloped willingly with the ship's captain because she was pregnant. This is an example of one type of account that Fehling thinks Herodotus invented (the story according to national bias). It is also example of what Dewald describes as Herodotus' "narrative surface", where Herodotus highlights his own process of data collection.

    2. they carried Egyptian and Assyrian merchandise

      Hdt. 1.1 Egyptians and Phoenicians: negotiation. Direction?

    3. Persian learned men say that the Phoenicians were the cause of the dispute

      Hdt. 1.1 The Persians blame the Phoenicians for their dispute.