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    1. The Case for Releasing the Young from Lockdown: A Briefing Paper for Pol­i­cy­mak­ers
    1. In­ter­gen­er­a­tional Ties and Case Fatality Rates: A Cross-​Country Analysis
    1. De­mo­graphic De­ter­mi­nants of Testing Incidence and COVID-19 In­fec­tions in New York City Neigh­bor­hoods
    1. The COVID-19 Conundrum in the De­vel­op­ing World: Pro­tect­ing Lives or Pro­tect­ing Jobs?
    1. Ex­plain­ing Governors’ Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States
    1. Should Contact Bans Be Lifted in Germany? A Quan­ti­ta­tive Pre­dic­tion of Its Effects
    1. The Short-​Term Economic Con­se­quences of COVID-19: Exposure to Disease, Remote Work and Gov­ern­ment Response
    1. Did Cal­i­for­nia’s Shelter-​In-Place Order Work? Early Coronavirus-​Related Public Health Effects
    1. How Do We Think the COVID-19 Crisis Will Affect Our Careers (If Any Remain)?
    1. Socio-​Demographic Factors As­so­ci­ated with Self-​Protecting Behavior during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    1. COVID-19, Family Stress and Domestic Violence: Remote Work, Isolation and Bar­gain­ing Power
    1. Economic Policy Response to the Pandemic: From COVID-19 Emergency to Economic Democracy
    1. Timing is Every­thing when Fighting a Pandemic: COVID-19 Mortality in Spain
    1. Did the Wisconsin Supreme Court Restart a COVID-19 Epidemic? Evidence from a Natural Ex­per­i­ment
    1. Turning Vietnam’s COVID-19 Success into Economic Recovery: A Job-​Focused Analysis of In­di­vid­ual As­sess­ments on Their Finance and the Economy
    1. The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Owners: Evidence of Early-​Stage Losses from the April 2020 Current Pop­u­la­tion Survey
    1. Impacts of Social and Economic Factors on the Trans­mis­sion of Coro­n­avirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in China
    1. Immigrant Key Workers: Their Con­tri­bu­tion to Europe’s COVID-19 Response
    1. In­equal­ity in the Impact of the Coro­n­avirus Shock: Evidence from Real Time Surveys
    1. When to Release the Lockdown? A Wellbeing Framework for Analysing Costs and Benefits
    1. When Do Shelter-​In-Place Orders Fight COVID-19 Best? Policy Het­ero­gene­ity across States and Adoption Time
    1. The Cost of the COVID-19 Crisis: Lockdowns, Macro­eco­nomic Ex­pec­ta­tions, and Consumer Spending
    1. Oc­cu­pa­tional Exposure to Contagion and the Spread of COVID-19 in Europe
    1. The COVID-19 Crisis and Telework: A Research Survey on Ex­pe­ri­ences, Ex­pec­ta­tions and Hopes
    1. Social Capital and the Spread of COVID-19: Insights from European Countries
    1. Messages on COVID-19 Prevention in India Increased Symptoms Reporting and Adherence to Preventive Behaviors Among 25 Million Recipients with Similar Effects on Non-recipient Members of Their Communities
    1. Face Masks Considerably Reduce COVID-19 Cases in Germany: A Synthetic Control Method Approach
    1. The Adverse Effect of the COVID-19 Labor Market Shock on Immigrant Em­ploy­ment
    1. Com­pli­ance with COVID-19 Social-​Distancing Measures in Italy: The Role of Ex­pec­ta­tions and Duration
    1. The Short-Run Macro Im­pli­ca­tions of School and Child-​Care Closures
    1. Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Dis­pro­por­tion­ately Affect the Poor? Evidence from a Six-​Country Survey
    1. The Gender Dimension of Oc­cu­pa­tional Exposure to Contagion in Europe
    1. Labour Supply in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Empirical Evidence on Hours, Home Office, and Ex­pec­ta­tions
    1. Turnout in the Municipal Elections of March 2020 and Excess Mortality during the COVID-19 Epidemic in France
    1. Unequal Con­se­quences of COVID-19 across Age and Income: Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Evidence from Six Countries
    1. The Effect of Business Cycle Ex­pec­ta­tions on the German Ap­pren­tice­ship Market: Es­ti­mat­ing the Impact of COVID-19
    1. Dereg­u­la­tion in a Time of Pandemic: Does Pollution Increase Coro­n­avirus Cases or Deaths?
    1. Social Stability Chal­lenged: Pandemics, In­equal­ity and Policy Responses
    1. Firm-​level Ex­pec­ta­tions and Behavior in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis
    1. The Short-​Term Economic Con­se­quences of COVID-19: Oc­cu­pa­tion Tasks and Mental Health in Canada
    1. Exponential-​Growth Pre­dic­tion Bias and Com­pli­ance with Safety Measures in the Times of COVID-19
    1. In­te­grat­ing Social Insurance and Social As­sis­tance Programs for the Future World of Labor
    1. The Impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. Child Care Market: Evidence from Stay-​At-Home Orders
    1. Were Urban Cowboys Enough to Control COVID-19? Local Shelter-​In-Place Orders and Coro­n­avirus Case Growth
    1. The Impacts of COVID-19 on Minority Un­em­ploy­ment: First Evidence from April 2020 CPS Microdata
    1. An Economic Model of the COVID-19 Epidemic: The Im­por­tance of Testing and Age-​Specific Policies
    1. The Dis­tri­b­u­tional Impacts of Early Em­ploy­ment Losses from COVID-19
    1. Designing Reopening Strate­gies in the Aftermath of COVID-19 Lockdowns: Some Prin­ci­ples with an Ap­pli­ca­tion to Denmark
    1. Short-​Term Impact of COVID-19 on Con­sump­tion and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Singapore