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  1. May 2023
    1. You can specify the button's type by setting the prop type to 'button', 'submit' or 'reset'

      یک دکمه میتونه type های مختلفی داشته باشه : button submit reset

    2. Variant link w

      برای وقتی که فقط می خوای به عنوان Link بذاری از variant به نام link باید استفاده کنی

  2. Feb 2023
    1. “...it can be very useful for coming up with ideas out of thin air, essentially. All you need is a little bit of seed text, maybe some notes on a story you've been thinking about or random bits of inspiration and you can hit a button that gives you nearly infinite story ideas.”- Eugenia Triantafyllou

      Eugenia Triantafyllou is talking about crutches for creativity and inspiration, but seems to miss the value of collecting interesting tidbits along the road of life that one can use later. Instead, the emphasis here becomes one of relying on an artificial intelligence doing it for you at the "hit of a button". If this is the case, then why not just let the artificial intelligence do all the work for you?

      This is the area where the cultural loss of mnemonics used in orality or even the simple commonplace book will make us easier prey for (over-)reliance on technology.

      Is serendipity really serendipity if it's programmed for you?

  3. Dec 2022
    1. I came here after reading a couple articles (one on Super User & one on MS's help forums) recommending X-Mouse Button Control as a general way to disable back buttons on mice.

      Note: this doesn't seem to work on Windows 11 for Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Optical.

  4. Nov 2022
    1. 🧐 Why is there no event.preventDefault on the button? A <button type="button">, while seemingly redundant, is the HTML way of preventing a button from submitting its form.
    1. Pill

      حالت های دکمه را به صورت pill یا squre می تونی اینجا ببینی

    2. Bl

      حالت block کردنش. که حس میکنم که width را ۱۰۰ قرار میده.

    3. In

      حتی variant های مختلف روی ‌Border

  5. Oct 2022
    1. All

      با قراردادن v-if در prop میتونی تعیین کنی که دکمه باشه یا نه

    2. Use the variant prop to generate the various Bootstrap contextual button variants.

      با variant مییتونی انواع button ها را بگیری

    3. <button> element, <a> element, or <router-link> component with the styling of a button

      هم میتونه تگ a و هم routerlink و هم صد البته button درست کنه. اگر href بهش بدی به تگ a تبدی میکنه اگر to بهش بدی به router-link تبدیل میشه

  6. Aug 2022
  7. Jun 2022
  8. Nov 2020
    1. If you were to have 2 buttons placed side by side, on which side should the primary button sit?
    2. Option A shows the primary button on the left. The argument here is that it is probably what the user wants to see first, so show it first.
  9. Oct 2020
  10. react-spectrum.adobe.com react-spectrum.adobe.com
    1. Sometimes you might need to use an element other than a native <button>. useButton supports this via the elementType prop. When used with an element other than a native button, useButton automatically applies the necessary ARIA roles and attributes to ensure that the element is exposed to assistive technology as a button.
  11. Aug 2019
  12. Oct 2018
    1. Learn moreCheck out

      Both buttons open the readcube checkout modal which contains more information on the purchase options and allows the user to complete their purchase

    2. Sign in to Readcube.

      CTA opens current readcube sign in modal - should use the button element or other button notation to help with site semantics

  13. Apr 2017
    1. Watch the Video Request Quote

      Can we get a third button where customers can ask for a demo.

  14. Jan 2017
  15. Dec 2016
  16. Apr 2016
  17. May 2015
    1. Medium's SPA navigation seems to foil Hypothes.is. I got back to your original Medium post by hitting the back button from a couple levels deep in Medium responses. Notice there are no Hypothes.is comment indicators:

      screen shot of Medium article Missing Hypothes.is comment indicator

  18. Nov 2014
  19. Sep 2014
    1. The cacophony of the crowd erases the past and affirms the present. It started with search and now its accelerated with the now web. I dont know where it leads but I almost want a remember button — like the like or favorite. Something that registers something as a memory — as an salient fact that I for one can draw out of the stream at a later time.