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  1. Aug 2017
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    1. The expostion is when Rainsford hears the gunshot. The rising action is when Rainsford falls off the boat. The Man vs Man conflict of the story was when Zaroff wanted to hunt Rainsford. The Man vs World conflict was when Rainsford was trying to find shelter and what he would need to do to beat Zaroff. The Man vs Self conflict was when Rainsford was in the middle of the game against Zaroff and Rainsford kept telling himself, "I will not lose my nerve. I will not." The turning point of the story is when Rainsford leaps off into the sea. The resolution of the Dangerous Game was General Zaroff told Rainsfords, "I congratulate you. You have won the game."

  3. Jun 2017
    1. The key value to emphasize in the team is positive intent. This is to say that, even when things aren’t going smoothly, each person should assume that their “challenger” is coming from a good place and is trying to act in the best interest of the team.

      Assume good and no ill will. Don't take conflicts personally.