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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Multiple private/public key pairs are required due to the following reasons: DKIM key rotation which we will explain in the next section; setting up DKIM with multiple email delivery services on a single domain; each service can have their own separate selectors so that signing/verifying with one service doesn't interfere with that with another.
  2. Feb 2023
    1. In very large code bases, it is likely impossible to make a change to a fundamental API and get it code reviewed by every affected team before merge conflicts force the process to start over again.
  3. Oct 2021
    1. I know I would love the ability to add plausible analytics. They’re a great ethical choice for site analytics.

      Looks like it's AGPL, so it would not be possible to use on write.as...

  4. May 2021
  5. Oct 2020
  6. Aug 2020
    1. Burn bosses in California can more easily be held liable than their peers in some other states if the wind comes up and their burn goes awry. At the same time, California burn bosses typically suffer no consequences for deciding not to light.
    2. Much of the fire-suppression apparatus — the crews themselves, the infrastructure that supports them — is contracted out to private firms. “The Halliburton model from the Middle East is kind of in effect for all the infrastructure that comes into fire camps,” Beasley said, referencing the Iraq war. “The catering, the trucks that you can sleep in that are air-conditioned…”
  7. Jul 2020
  8. Dec 2019
    1. Religious conflict in any form is often far more impervious to pragmatic solutions, and can prove more dangerous than national conflicts.

      This is debatable. National identity and religion are often both entwined in complex historical factors quite like Judaism and the land of Judea. Whereas national identity is more moldable and dynamic when combined with democratic developments like the Arab spring, religious identity would change slower and might be more important to guard for the conservatives (I'm not sure on this, but it's a gut feeling)

      In such a case, conflicts are easier to understand when cast in terms of religious or sub-religious basis but I definitely think a purely religious conflict (an ideal construct) is more likely to find a pragmatic solution, although I doubt if any thing of that sort exists!

  9. Jun 2017
    1. The key value to emphasize in the team is positive intent. This is to say that, even when things aren’t going smoothly, each person should assume that their “challenger” is coming from a good place and is trying to act in the best interest of the team.

      Assume good and no ill will. Don't take conflicts personally.