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  1. Sep 2020
    1. She never told us how she felt about being bound to you. Never even called you by name. Just called you her anchor. The thing weighing her down, tying her to this world and stopping her destiny.
    2. You know, thinking about it, the amount of pain and loss and legitimate devastation I’ve caused among your little cult over the last, what, forty years? I think the Desolation is probably very fond of me.
    3. Well, he hasn’t been at your little meetings the last two weeks, has he? I suppose no one’s looked into it yet; not surprising, he seemed a thoroughly unpleasant little man.

      So she didn't take his wax head in 2006 then ...

    4. Big talk. But Agnes is dead. And I don’t know if you heard, but your little woodland circle’s been broken. So I don’t really see, anything getting in my way, if I wanted to burn the flesh, off your snarky bones.
    1. I’m curious to see what it was she did to derail this big ritual, because I’m sure she didn’t pay poor Jack Barnabas to fall in love with Agnes. (beat) Well, ninety percent sure.

      Jon you know what she did, the ritual circle from Burnt Offering.

    2. As for you, (shaky inhale) whatever you did, and whatever protection it might have afforded you is severed with Agnes’s death. Arthur has told us not to harm you yet, but this whole thing has really rather weakened his authority, and many of us are now looking towards Diego for leadership. But we shall see, I suppose.
  2. Oct 2019
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    1. NotfeelinganydangerIwaspleasedwithmyride,excitedwithlaughter,whilethosethatwepassedlookedoninastonishment

      She isn't afraid of social perception

    2. still-born.

      Mills had a stillbirth

    3. TomorrowIgointotheschooltoassistmyhus-bandinteachingthesmallerclass

      Mills helps Sproat in the classroom

    4. oyouseeIhavenotescaped,eventhisyearourspring,dreadedwor

      Mills is in charge of all the household affairs basically

    5. OurfamilyisnowenlargedbyMr.[EdmundF.]ElyandMr.Air[FrederickAyer]andson,whoarestayingwithusaweekorso,theyappeartobejustmenwalkinginthefearoftheLor

      Ely and Ayer visit Mills and Sproat

    6. heschoolisinteresting,butourbrethrenatPokegamaandFonduLacaretriedverymuchbythehostilityoftheindians,theyarebeginningtobestirred.bythestoryoftheoppres-sionoftheirsouthernbrethrenwhichhasreachedthem,theyarebeginningtofeelthatthewhitemenwilloppressthemasmuchastheycan,andareafraidthatgovernmenthassentthemissionariestoFavourtheirdesigns.TheCherokeeshavesentwampumtoseveralofthenortherntribestojointhemainsttheAmericanssoinsteadoflisteningtotheWordeirmindsareontheunjustnessesofthewhitemen.Ourbandhavenotyetbeenthusexcited.Ihopeitwillbealongtimebeforetheywill.Werewetolookuponthesemis-sionswiththeeyeofsense,weshouldbeentirelydiscouraged,buttheeyeoffaithdiscernsinthedistancetheredmanofthewildernessbendingthekneetotheonetrueGod;to18.-bourforthisendwemusthavefaithandpatienc

      Mills has a really good understanding of the mission situation in relationship to the government

    7. V‘ithregardtosuccessofthemissions,Mr.I‘Iall5wassayinga.fewdayssincethathehasnever,sincehehasbeeninthecountry,seenthetimewhenthingsappearedmorenat-teringthantheydonow,ortheindiansmorefriendly

      Mills says Hall is impressed by the success of missions