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  1. Sep 2022
    1. To truly alleviate poverty on a large scale, we must fix a system in which normallife experiences such as childbirth can translate into economic insecurity. Mostof the poor are not unexplainable anomalies in an otherwise well-functioningsociety. Instead, they are the normal consequence of structural arrangementsguaranteed to produce economic insecurity.

      This sort of institutionalized economic insecurity seems bound up in institutionalized racism and may have a relationship with recent abortion bans. Can we tease out the ways these ideas are tied together or compounded?

      How can alleviating the perceptions of these effects help create societal changes and greater flexibility and more resiliency?

      These are potential national security issues were the country to come to war with other major powers.

    2. Poverty spells triggered by moving out of one’s parents’ house tend to bethe shortest, while spells triggered by the birth of a child tend to be the longest.
  2. Feb 2021
  3. Dec 2019
    1. Elizabeth Lavenza

      Elizabeth's experiences follow a trajectory similar to Mary Shelley's. Mary's mother died giving birth to her, she endured a stepmother and had a brother named William. See Barbara Johnson, "My Monster/My Self, Diacritics, 12 (Summer 1992): 2-10.

  4. Oct 2019
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    1. rs.HallhasabeautifullittlebabebornthelastofJan,atthebirthofwhichshehadonlyMr.H.andmyselfasassistants,hebeingmidwife&Inurse,soyouseethatIhavegottenintoanentirelynewbusiness.Mrs.H.isveryfeebleandhasbeensoeversinceherconnneme

      Mrs. Hall gave birth in January and is still "feeble"

    2. still-born.

      Mills had a stillbirth

    3. bout4.pm.mywifepresentedmewithann

      Mrs. Boutwell gave birth to a son

    1. mixedblood

      "Mixed blood" by Catholic fur traders intermarrying with Natives

      So Catholics exert much influence on the Natives, because any children born in these marriages is baptized a Catholic at birth

    2. dgivenbirthtosixstill-bornchildren.ButafteratriptoEnglandandherhealthmuchimprovedshehasgivenbirthtotwolivingchildre

      Mrs. Jones had 6 stillbirths, then two healthy children

  6. Aug 2019
    1. DeliaCookeEly--BornJan28,183

      Delia Cooke Ely born 1/28/1838

    2. aryWrightEly,bornSabbathMay29thWethinkheronthewholeaprettygoodbaby.Shedoesnotseemtocomplainwithoutsomereason.Shebeginstonoticethosearoundher&appearspleasedwhennoticed.Sheisnowsevenweeksold.

      Mary Wright Ely = daughter

    3. About4pm.MydearHesterwasconnned,andpresentedmewithannehealthydaughter

      Crooks gives birth do a daughter August 4, 1835



  7. Jun 2015