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    1. Elizabeth Lavenza

      Elizabeth's experiences follow a trajectory similar to Mary Shelley's. Mary's mother died giving birth to her, she endured a stepmother and had a brother named William. See Barbara Johnson, "My Monster/My Self, Diacritics, 12 (Summer 1992): 2-10.

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    1. rs.HallhasabeautifullittlebabebornthelastofJan,atthebirthofwhichshehadonlyMr.H.andmyselfasassistants,hebeingmidwife&Inurse,soyouseethatIhavegottenintoanentirelynewbusiness.Mrs.H.isveryfeebleandhasbeensoeversinceherconnneme

      Mrs. Hall gave birth in January and is still "feeble"

    2. still-born.

      Mills had a stillbirth

    3. bout4.pm.mywifepresentedmewithann

      Mrs. Boutwell gave birth to a son

    1. mixedblood

      "Mixed blood" by Catholic fur traders intermarrying with Natives

      So Catholics exert much influence on the Natives, because any children born in these marriages is baptized a Catholic at birth

    2. dgivenbirthtosixstill-bornchildren.ButafteratriptoEnglandandherhealthmuchimprovedshehasgivenbirthtotwolivingchildre

      Mrs. Jones had 6 stillbirths, then two healthy children

  5. Aug 2019
    1. DeliaCookeEly--BornJan28,183

      Delia Cooke Ely born 1/28/1838

    2. aryWrightEly,bornSabbathMay29thWethinkheronthewholeaprettygoodbaby.Shedoesnotseemtocomplainwithoutsomereason.Shebeginstonoticethosearoundher&appearspleasedwhennoticed.Sheisnowsevenweeksold.

      Mary Wright Ely = daughter

    3. About4pm.MydearHesterwasconnned,andpresentedmewithannehealthydaughter

      Crooks gives birth do a daughter August 4, 1835



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