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  1. Nov 2023
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    1. ```html

      <div vocab="https://schema.org/" typeof="Painting">

      <span property="name">The Madonna with the Long Neck</span>

      <span property="genre" content="http://vocab.getty.edu/aat/300021143">Late Renaissance</span> painting by <span property="creator">Parmigianino</span>. </div>



      <div vocab="https://schema.org/" typeof="Painting"> <meta property="sameAs" content="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Church_at_Auvers" /> <span property="name">The Church at Auvers</span> by <div property="creator" typeof="Person"> <span property="name">Vincent van Gogh</span> </div>, depicts a church in <div property="contentLocation" typeof="AdministrativeArea"> <span property="name">Auvers-sur-Oise</span>, </div> but was created in <div property="locationCreated" typeof="AdministrativeArea"> <span property="name">Saint-Rémy-de-Provence</span>. </div> </div>


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    1. Moving Museum Catalogues Online: An Interim Report from the Getty Foundation"The Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative *2012 interim report from the Getty Foundation regarding their activities moving towards digital publishing

      • does this deal with issues of fair use, permissions, and copyright?