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  1. Mar 2022
    1. Evidence is mounting that even tiny amounts of intense exercise can aid health.Credit...Getty Images9. Comically brief weight training could make you stronger.In a small-scale new study, men and women who contracted their arm muscles as hard as possible for a total of three seconds a day increased their bicep strength by as much as 12 percent after a month.They repeated this routine once a day, five times a week, for a month, for a grand total of 60 seconds of weight training. It changed their biceps in ways that were slight but biologically meaningful, especially for people new to weight training.The findings add to mounting evidence that even tiny amounts of intense exercise, like four seconds of strenuous biking or 10 seconds of all-out sprinting, can aid health.

      I'd like to explore this hypothesis a bit more. With my new limitations on mobility, this type of therapy could potentially lower my rate of atrophy.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. Multiply that number by 85 percent to roughly approximate an effort cap for easy runs (though adjusting to a different percentage if you feel like that’s a bit too hard or too easy).

      Another article suggests subtracting 20bpm

  3. Sep 2020
    1. 7 Best Sleep Apps to Get a Good Night’s Rest

      our list of the best sleep apps of 2020. Whether you want to track your sleep or have nights of sound sleep, these sleep apps will surely make the positive difference in your life.

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