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  1. Mar 2021
  2. Jul 2016
    1. Minimally, the infosphere denotes the whole informational environment constituted by all informational entities, their properties, interactions, processes, and mutual relations. It is an environment comparable to, but different from, cyberspace, which is only one of its sub-regions since the infosphere also includes offline and analogous spaces of information. Maximally, the infosphere is a concept that can also be used synonymously with reality, once we interpret the latter informationally. In this sense, the suggestion is that what is real is informational and what is informational is real24

      Floridi introduit cette même idée d'une fusion réel et discours. Il appelle l'espace numérique cyberspace, qui est contenu dans l'"infosphère", comprenant également les espaces d'informations analogiques. Ce n'est pas une fusion de l'espace numérique et pré-numérique.