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  1. May 2023
    1. The HoverBar Duo’s base is stable and heavy enough to support Apple’s biggest 12.9” iPad Pro.

      Having spent the past two days exploring the potential of the used first-generation HoverBar Duo I somehow managed to acquire for $35, I would emphasize "enough" here as a qualifier at least once over.

      Though the following is pure speculation, there were a few highly observable clues to suggest that the previous owner also had a heavy iPad Pro (perhaps a 13,9 as I have,) though - after over-tightening all the adjustment screws (all but stripping threads in the case of the one at the base,) they were ultimately not satisfied with the Duo's management of the weight, even tightened to that state.

      (Again, entirely speculative but.)

  2. Feb 2023
    1. Open the iPad. I create a vault in Obsidian but uncheck `iCloud`. Then I go into `Working Copy` to clone the repository into the same location. You might have to enable the "Local File" in the `File` app. The repository will be external to `Working Copy`.Obsidian needs to see the folder before you put the Git clone there.If this isn't absolutely clear, I'll get some screen shots on the iPad. The key is checking out of each location use Obsidian, then Git push. Obsidian will modify enough files that you don't want to hand merge conflicts.I was using GitHub for other projects. Any Git repository works, but treat it like source code. Fetch your work before each session. Then check your work in before ending. While you can work from two locations, don't work in the same area of your vault.

      Outline for using Obsidian on iPad with Github repository.

  3. Oct 2022
    1. On January 27, 2010, at a special press event billed as "Come see our latest creation," Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad.

      Fuck. I forgot the iPad and I have the same goddamned birthday.

  4. Oct 2021
    1. I still work throughout my house on my iPad Pro and occasionally my MacBook Pro, and as the weather begins to improve in the Chicago area, I'll start writing outside again. However, having a quiet home base where I can play some music and concentrate on writing is the anchor that helps keep me focused and productive all year long.

      大力推荐 iPad Pro 的使用。

  5. Jan 2021
  6. Nov 2020
    1. 500 iPad-Koffer mit insgesamt 8000 Geräten

      Ich bin ein großer iPad-Fan und nutze meines jeden Tag für Handschriftliches.

      Dieser Aktion ist bestimmt eine gründliche Evaluierung der Optionen vorausgegangen und es ist toll, dass unsere Schulen jetzt besser ausgestattet werden, gar keine Frage.

      Trotzdem nagt die Erkenntnis an mir, dass ein iPad doch in erster Linie ein Konsum- und Kommunikationsgerät und weniger ein Kreativwerkzeug ist. Ich frage mich deshalb, ob die iPads nicht zumindest um günstige Laptops mit Tastatur ergänzt werden sollten.

      Ich schreibe diesen Kommentar übrigens gerade auf einem RaspberryPi für 100€. Davon bekommt man so etwa vier Stück für den Preis eines iPads. Und unglaublich viel mehr Möglichkeiten.

  7. Dec 2019
    1. iPad App Development Company

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  8. Jun 2017
  9. Feb 2017
  10. Nov 2016
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