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  1. May 2024
    1. for - geopolitics - Russia Ukraine war - polycrisis - russia war - metacrisis - russia war - Jake Broe - Russia Ukraine war analysis

      summary - An intelligent analysis of the complexity of the Russia- Ukraine war. - Key points: - Russia's successful misinformation campaign has - created the MAGA disinformed political party and has - delayed the US Aid package - enabled the rapid rise of extreme right wing politics

  2. Jan 2024
  3. Dec 2023
    1. The multiple crises that we and our children are facing right now are real and well documented byacademics and scientists alike.
      • for: polycrisis, metacrisis, meaning crisis
    1. Culturally, and throughout our global civilisation’s systems and structures, we systemically and continuously overemphasise the innovating-constructing-standardising Archetypal activities on the orange side of the Kairotic Flow cycle, while devaluing and avoiding the nurturing-decomposing-reorienting activities of the Archetypes on the purple side of the cycle.This might not sound like much, but the consequences are profound.
      • for: kariotic flow - metacrisis explanation, question - salience

      • question: salience

      • critique,: inadequate explanation
        • I don't understand the salience of why the right half needs that left half.
        • I think the ideas are too abstract and while years of experience may make the author familiar with our salience, to a new mind looking at the ideas for the first time, there is a salience mismatch because they semantic fingerprints are different
        • a few concrete examples of , how this works to explain the metacrisis would be very helpful
        • there isn't enough time spent illuminating and explaining what each of these 6b abstract ideas are our why they are assigned such strategic importance. Hence, I do not appreciate their salience and the salience mishmash occurs
  4. Oct 2023
    1. though the language of the poly crisis 00:32:26 is very abstract and Global and it has you know it rings of news media it rings of whatever social media memes of graphs 00:32:39 it's over there somewhere but meanwhile we have individuals who are in the repercussions of these combined crises and their economy is not going well 00:32:56 their family is over stressed their home is is is is producing chemicals that are affecting them their food

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    1. the quick definition would be 00:03:20 something like the metac crisis is all the crisis put together right and people go oh oh I see I see but they don't see right cuz it's not really the end of it that's just the beginning of the conversation the metac crisis is also in 00:03:33 the way you make sense of the world the way you feel it in in imote in relation to it the metac crisis is in your incapacity to fully articulate and narrate the self in this 00:03:47 context and The Meta crisis is also a you know coextensive with Co arising with this particular historical Epoch
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        • progress trap framing would help provide an overarching sensemaking framework
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