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  1. Aug 2020
  2. Jul 2016
    1. The statutes invented by humans are fixed into a shape of a new nature under which we must simply live. Those who for whatever reason fall outside of it are apparently fair game to be cast away, and the illegal and brutal practices they are subject to in the informal economy are justified.
    2. Within the workings of the informal economy bullying and violence is rife. The harshness of these conditions, and the sword of damocles of deportation, is precisely why this labour is so cheap, and so many businesses opt for it. Bullying makes workers subservient, and scares them away from industrial organising (although there are now amazing unions now fighting for workers in these sectors - the IWGB, IWW, and UVW.) It is not just those businesses that do well out of this exploitation. It makes things cheaper for everyone, and oils the cogs of the whole economy. Many people are happy to reap this work’s benefits without ever taking responsibility for the suffering it causes.