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  1. Dec 2020
    1. Wetlands in riverine and coastal areas have especially complex hydrological interactions because they are subject to periodic water-level changes

      halaman ini menggambarkan interaksi air di kawasan wetlands, rawa adalah salah satu contohnya. dalam hal ini ciri wetlands bukan hanya pada koneksi airnya, tetapi juga pada kondisi geologinya. kawasan wetlands akan banyak mengandung lapisan lempung, karena arus air yang tenang (ini hukum geologi LOL).

    2. Wetlands can be highly sensitive to the effects of ground-water development and to land-use changes that modify the ground- water flow regime of a wetland area.

      ini berkaitan dengan isu reklamasi di daerah rawa (termasuk wetlands).

  2. Jun 2015
    1. (15) "Wetlands" means land, including submerged land, not regulated pursuant to sections 22a-28 to 22a-35, inclusive, which consists of any of the soil types designated as poorly drained, very poorly drained, alluvial, and floodplain by the National Cooperative Soils Survey, as may be amended from time to time, of the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture;

      Definition of wetlands. Anything poorly drained and designated by U.S> Department of Agriculture. Does not include lakes or rivers.

    2. The preservation and protection of the wetlands and watercourses from random, unnecessary, undesirable and unregulated uses, disturbance or destruction is in the public interest and is essential to the health, welfare and safety of the citizens of the state. It is, therefore, the purpose of sections 22a-36 to 22a-45, inclusive, to protect the citizens of the state by making provisions for the protection, preservation, maintenance and use of the inland wetlands and watercourses by minimizing their disturbance and pollution; maintaining and improving water quality in accordance with the highest standards set by federal, state or local authority; preventing damage from erosion, turbidity or siltation; preventing loss of fish and other beneficial aquatic organisms, wildlife and vegetation and the destruction of the natural habitats thereof; deterring and inhibiting the danger of flood and pollution; protecting the quality of wetlands and watercourses for their conservation, economic, aesthetic, recreational and other public and private uses and values; and protecting the state's potable fresh water supplies from the dangers of drought, overdraft, pollution, misuse and mismanagement by providing an orderly process to balance the need for the economic growth of the state and the use of its land with the need to protect its environment and ecology in order to forever guarantee to the people of the state, the safety of such natural resources for their benefit and enjoyment and for the benefit and enjoyment of generations yet unborn.

      Purpose of the Inland Wetland agency.

      A. minimizing disturbance and pollution

      B. maintaining/improving water quality

      C. prevention of erosion, turbidity (soil in water), and siltation.

      D. prevention of loss of beneficial aquatic life/habitat.

      E. deterring/inhibiting floods and pollution

      F.protection for economic,aesthetic, and recreational use.

      G. protecting water resources from drought, overdraft, pollution, misuse, and mismanagement.

      H. balance between need for economic growth and protection of environment.