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    1.  "what is the beginning of Civilization?" and "Y?"

      This is the question, the answer is ... because I know that if I am then so are you--understanding what it is the change wrought by my life and us all watching it.

      Understanding how law and order have become a thing of archaic mideival horror stories in the world we see, and that's pretty much all that was possible in reality.

      In Heaven, in our "rael world" that's not true, and the line ... the minimum we can allow--

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    1. The Joke File has been scanned into an internal database that is accessible on-site in both the Recorded Sound and Moving Image Research Centers.

      Bob Hope's commonplace book of jokes has been scanned digitally and available at the United States Library of Congress.

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    1. In the present work, we investigated the synthesis of stable ZnO nanoparticles with the biological method using three kinds of extracts, one from mesocarp of fruit and another from mesocarp and seed of the fruit of avocado (Persea Americana Mill) which belongs to the family Lauraceae. Flavonoids in fruits of P.americana could be behind the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-hypertensive properties of the plant.

      Uso de nanoparticulas de Oxido de Zinc (ZnO) pues es biodegradable y puede potenciar las propiedades del aceite de esta planta Notar que la especie en la que se usa es otra (Persea Americana Mill)

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