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  1. Jul 2022
    1. Scalability: Cosmos DB is horizontally scalable to support hundreds of millions of reads and writes per second

      Since it is a Platform as a Service, it isolates the configuration required to perform scaling from the users, allowing them to focus on their data manipulation.

    2. replicated

      so they said replicated, not fragmented.

  2. Jan 2018
    1. The find, together with another scraped ochre stone, found nearby, also described in the paper, add to a growing understanding of the lives and culture of the hunter-gatherers who spent time on the shores of the ancient lake.

      Haltman explains there are more to an object than what meets the eye. The conclusion that archaeologist have discovered is a 10,000 year crayon or writing tool. Beyond i being a crayon is what the crayon represents. I represents literacy which is used to record or transform information that was 10,000 years ago.

  3. May 2016
    1. In the beginning, at the dawn of a new Cosmic Day, when the Word consciousness was justawakening and the stillness of Cosmic Night yet prevailed, I The THINKER, conceived MyIdea.This My Idea of My Self in manifestation in a new condition, called Earth expression, I sawcompletely pictured in the mirror of My Omniscient Mind. In this mirror I saw the real Earthshining forth brilliantly in the Cosmos, -- a perfect Sphere, where all the Infinite phases,attributes and powers of My Divine Nature were finding perfect expression through the mediumof Angels of Light, living Messengers of My Will, My Word in the Flesh, even as It is in theCelestial World of the Eternal.I saw My Self manifesting outwardly as Nature, and My Life as the vivifying and evolvingPrinciple back of all Manifestation. I saw Love, the Divine Creative Power, as the animating andvitalizing Force back of all Life, and My Desire to give perfect expression to that Love as thePotential and Real Cause and Reason of the birth of My Idea.All this I saw mirrored in My All-seeing and All-knowing Mind, which could see and reflectonly the Soul of things or their Reality. Therefore this that I saw pictured in My Mind was theReal Earth, in fact, its beginning, its conception into Cosmic being

      Gods inspiration .................

  4. Apr 2016