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  1. Jan 2018
    1. The Valence static charge meter is useful for measuring electrostatic charges. Our static charge meters are lightweight, accurate, and more. The V 300 is ideal for measuring electrostatic charges in plastic, paper, packaging, textile, food, pharmaceutical, electronic, and other industries.

  2. Jan 2015
    1. FM ordering is accompanied by a negative volume strain. With increasing temperature, there is a cation disorder or charge transfer induced LS–HS transition of the Co 3 C ion at the 16d site
    2. The magnetic nature of Co 3 O 4 reveals an incommensurate AFM order below T N [ 15 ], with the exchanges of Co 2 C ions at the 8a site and Co 3 C ions at the 16d site.



  3. Sep 2013
    1. For I think, now that the charge under which I formerly labored has been disproved, you are anxious to change your attitude and want to hear from me what sort of eloquence it is which has occupied me and given me so great a reputation.

      Ending his first argument against charges. Again I am thinking of the future, what makes him so awesome??