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  1. Apr 2019
    1. the sea air would probably be the death of me.

      Diana Parker has an elaborate style of communicating. Readers better off not to take her words literally.

    2. I could soon put the necessary irons in the fire.

      This is at once imagery and a metaphor, describing how eager Diana is on her task of bringing families over to Sanditon. It’s partly funny because she is herself claimed to be physically weak, yet her spirits are high and tough enough to accomplish her self-assigned tasks passionately.

  2. Dec 2018
    1. impropriety

      Miss Diana Parker's request to ask Lady Denham for money for various people that she does not know from a woman she likely does not know very well seems very impolite. Also, considering how little Lady Denham likes to part with her money, Diana's comments would be particularly provoking.

  3. Jan 2018
    1. Toilet of Diana

      This painting has now been confirmed to be a Vermeer. It is thought be be one of his earliest works.