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    1. What's the point of playing a game featuring fjords without also including vikings to pillage the other player's lands...I've actually developed two additional tiles for Fjords: The Dragon and The Marauding Hoard. Both do exactly that.(I've play tested them with a friend well over 40 times and we both agree that with an expanded set of Fjords tiles, these two greatly improve the game for us. I'll write the tiles up and post them to BGG... eventually)
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    1. Meanwhile, Spockanalia5 ran an important article, "Concerning Sehlats" by Lee Burwasser. In this piece, the author looks at precedents in nature to see what sort of animal would have six-inch fangs. The author concludes, "And so our portrait of the sehlat: a carnivore or just possibly tushed omnivore, general shape that of a giant panda, size on the order of an Alaskan brown bear, highly intelligent, and despite the six-inch fangs, of a patient and gentle disposition.... Question: did the sehlat belong toSpock, or was Spock in the care of the sehlat?" The Star Trekproduction staff read this article, and animators incorporated many of the suggestions into the drawing of the sehlat I-Chaya in the animated episode, "Yesteryear."
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    1. Exhaust fans are rated by cubic feet of air per minute (CFM).

      Exhaust fans are rated by cubic feet of air per minute (CFM).

      This matters because u need the right things to grow good strong weed.

      this connects to me because i have seen a exhaust fan before.

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