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    1. openbookpublishers/identifier_translation_service:1
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    3. "That Greece Might Still Be Free: The Philhellenes in the War of Independence", "That Greece Might Still Be Free"

      There is a many-to-many relationship between work and title, allowing multiple versions of the same title to be linked to the publication in order to maximise the chances of title resolution.

  8. Nov 2017
    1. if cross-format identifiers like DOIs are used, annotations made in one format (eg, EPUB) can be seen in the same document published in other formats (eg, HTML, PDF) and in other locations.

      Whaa..? This sounds seriously hard. But remarkably clever.

  9. Jan 2016
    1. Eine noch im Aufbau befindliche Plattform für einheitliche Identifier zur Erfassung und Verknüpfung von Forschungsinformationen stellt die GRID-Initiative dar:


      Informationen zu den Zielen und Hintergründen: https://www.digital-science.com/blog/news/digital-science-launches-grid-a-new-global-open-database-offering-unique-information-on-research-organisations/