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    1. If the RRID is well-formed, and if the lookup found the right record, a human validator tags it a valid RRID — one that can now be associated mechanically with occurrences of the same resource in other contexts. If the RRID is not well-formed, or if the lookup fails to find the right record, a human validator tags the annotation as an exception and can discuss with others how to handle it. If an RRID is just missing, the validator notes that with another kind of exception tag.

      Sounds a lot like the way reference managers work. In many cases, people keep the invalid or badly-formed results.

  6. Aug 2015
    1. Android

      Mendeley just released an Android app. You should update this ReadCube

    2. Quickly copy formatted citations

      Mendeley also has this

    3. Institutional proxy integration

      Uh, actually Mendeley does have institutional proxy integration. It just needs to be set up via the web interface.