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  1. Apr 2023
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    1. What were (or still are) the relative attitudes towards issues related to gender at our respective institutions? What did the students at our respective institutions think about the gender issues of their day? We take particular focus on trans, queer, and women’s issues where they arise.

      Viewing group 2's project pitch, I believe that this group and my group (group 1) share a similar research question with some distinct variations. In group 1, we plan to go through the digital collections as well as publications from institutions that our members attend to find out about the students' attitude towards women during different gender discrimination eras. Meanwhile, this group covers a broader range of research in the study of genders. I am impressed with the meticulous explanation of the timeline that this group narrows down and also with the media that the group bases on for their sources of research. I hope that the research will be a success and I can learn new, interesting aspect of group 2's research to apply on my group's future research.

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    1. His Venetian wife Antonia is cited as the sole heir to his property

      Ah, there's his wife. How long had they been married? Also, considering the hellenistic/greek culture which Leonello was emulating, having wives was not neccessarily a proof against queer relationships between men- they co-existed in different spheres, and it seems that classically marriages were secondary to the male-male relationships.



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    1. Among the questions raised by translation is that of the classes of names: the Atikamekw language does not distinguish between the masculine and the feminine, but it distinguishes between animate and inanimate things. Is Wikipedia animated? The participants decided that it is.