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  1. Oct 2017
    1. ollowingly,a second cluster contains the Citation Betweenness Centrality and Pagerank measures that rely on thegraph-properties of the citation network.

      It seems like the network based, either citation or usage based, are clustering more strongly than the rest.

  2. Feb 2017
  3. Nov 2015
  4. Sep 2015
  5. Jul 2015
    1. I think it is possibly too early to tell.

      As Steven Hill of HEFCE recently suggested, it might be far better for UK institutions to reject these tables: "What if all UK institutions made a stand against global rankings, and stopped using them for promotional purposes? The reputation of the UK’s higher education sector would stand firm, and a really strong signal would be sent to the rest of the world. Not drifting, but steering purposely through the metric tide." http://blog.hefce.ac.uk/2015/07/08/the-metrics-dilemma/