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    1. and modeling content, practices, and strategies

      Link to Lewis et al (2006) Lesson Study, Afflerbach et al (2008) modeling and explaining, Fagella and Deshler, (2007) reading strategies

    2. Talking about a student with parents or other caregivers

      Fagella and Deshler (2007), prior knowledge, 21st-century literacy

  5. Feb 2014
    1. The fundamental principle used in building sophisticated capabilities from the basic capabilities is structuring--the special type of structuring (which we have termed synergetic) in which the organization of a group of elements produces an effect greater than the mere addition of their individual effects. Perhaps "purposeful" structuring (or organization) would serve us as well, but since we aren't sure yet how the structuring concept must mature for our needs, we shall tentatively stick with the special modifier, "synergetic." We are developing a growing awareness of the significant and pervasive nature of such structure within every physical and conceptual thing we inspect, where the hierarchical form seems almost universally present as stemming from successive levels of such organization.