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  1. Dec 2016
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    1. engageinopenandcollaborativenetworks,communities,andopenlysharedrepositoriesofinforma-tioninastructured

      So life long learning can only happen in "the open?" Seems like Hegarty is describing their ideal arc rather than the arc-of-life learning.

      I also wonder when we stop describing learning and we are just talking about being a human. Is there a difference?

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      Hyperlinking is how the workflow of most classes built on open pedagogy work. Usually students run their own blog and then syndicate to some course hub,

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    A Brief History of Domain of One’s Own, Part 2: The 12 Days of Domains
    1. Domain of One’s Own

      Essential in development of open pedagogy. Really inseparable. It is the tool of the action, and the activity lead to the evolution of the tool.

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    What is Open Pedagogy?
    1. assignment, you should also provide a detailed description of how the assignment will be graded

      Not necessary in truest sense. Look at Rhizo14 and Rhizo15 for great learning with no direction and no assignment.

      rhizo15 #openpedagogy
    2. Reciprocal Teaching = 0.74

      Reciprocal teaching has always focused on strategy instruction what I see is more a strategy exchange in open pedagogy. There is a collective toolbox and some people hold more parts than others.

    3. Organizing and Transforming

      This is much smaller than remixing. Though in many ways a summary is a remix. Still I wonder if the effet size would hold as the degrees of freedom of the derivative work grow.

    4. Teacher Clarity

      What does teacher clarity mean when the community is the teacher which is often the model found in open pedagogy?

    5. remix

      Does a non-derivative license by definition make something open or less open?

    6. Worked Examples

      This is critical. In most fluent of open pedagogy spaces participants are there to create what they believe is the highest expression of art in their domain.

    7. John Hattie’s book Visible Learning

      Hattie's work is also very influential in my world view. In fact it forms the background to all the facilitating I do around teacher observation. Yet Open Pedagogy speaks to so much more than efficacy. In many ways it isn't always as efficient, yet the messness is where real learnign occurs.

      When I think about Open Pedagogy I am also drawn to Friere: FriereRadicalPedagogy

    8. David Wiley

      David as written a lot about Open Pedagogy. Explore his stuff.

    9. What is Open Pedagogy?

      Open is both an attitude and a continuum. Together they make open a journey. When it comes to open pedagogy we are now simply referring to the map and the compass. Some paths are well carved but others are still left unexplored.

  3. Jul 2016
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    1. series of radical educational paperbacks, published by Penguin in the series Penguin Education Specials in the 1970’s. These included: Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Opprressed ; Paul Goodman Compulsory Miseducation; Ivan Illich De-Schooling Society; Everett Reimer School is Dead. 
      reading list #OpenPedagogy
  5. Jun 2016
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    The Second Power of Open
    1. talking about open pedagogy as the “second power of open.”

      There are clear signs that some move towards Open Pedagogy is in fact happening. At SALTISE, last week, @Downes made it quite clear that Open Education is about openness, not merely about cost.

      #OpenPedagogy Open Education
    2. talking about open pedagogy as the “second power of open.”
      #OpenPedagogy Open Education Open Educational Practices