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  1. Jul 2020
    1. A moderator provides motivation and inertia to an asynchronous computerconference, encouraging interaction between participants while creating asupportive and comfortable environment for discussion.

      So re-starting the conversation where it might have stalled. This might require asking questions or possibly adding on to the topic. In other places, the same process of questioning something might cause people to slow down. You can say, let's reflect on the statement, or can we have a source and maybe interpret this in another manner?

    1. Writing Process

      Useful strategies on what makes for a better writer.

      For me:

      • Emails
      • Bug reports, tickets.
      • Research
      • Journals

      Get comfortable and minimize distractions.


      1. Make a timeline
      2. Select a topic
      3. Create an outline

      Video Example:


      Note: Write down your goals and your progress as you go so you can make revisions for the next time you write.


      • 5 high quality sources => Take notes and outline your writing.


      Good outlines make for good quality writing. Maybe show the outline?!

      Topic sentences... which would be the questions you had and how they are answered by your research.

      Research Pointers Head to the source

      Does the content of this site pass by an editor before I saw it? Is the person that wrote this credible?

      Take good notes and add to the outline. You might update your outline as well.

      Write the bulk of your post for the rough draft.

      Start setting goals for each sections. Look at the notes and re-arrange sentences. Write something down, no matter how bad the effort.

      Talk yourself out-loud, give yourself encouragement, and while writing constantly monitor your progress.

      After finishing your draft, you are way too attached to it, so sleep on it.


      Does the order make sense?

      T.opic<br> R.easons<br> E.xamine<br> E.nding

      D.evelop a topic sentence<br> A.dd supporting ideas.<br> R.eject opposing arguments.<br> E.nd with a conclusion.

      Drill down into the paragraphs and sentences and look at them closely.

      MY biggest problem is "how do I diagnose the problem in the first place?"

      Add images, figures, and formatting at the end.

      Finally, proofread the post to make sure everything is done. After you read it, have a friend read it.

  2. May 2018
    1. War in the east, War in the west, War up north, War down south – War – war –

      This quote, want you pay attention to how there is war going on and focus basic on only war.

    2. Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, But never attained –

      I feel as you can imagine go back in time feel every emotion as you read this quote.

    1. You stand at the blackboard, daddy, In the picture I have of you,

      In this quote I can picture her dad in the background as she take a picture of her daddy.

  3. Mar 2018
    1. Each glowworm winks her spark, Let us get home before the night grows dark:

      In this specific line, I see simile such as "spark" and "dark" as way of compare something glimmer and something gloomy.

    2. With clasping arms and cautioning lips, With tingling cheeks and finger tips.

      In this one Rossetti chose simile like "lips" and "tips".

    3. “Nay, hush,” said Laura: “Nay, hush, my sister:

      Rossetti use rhythm. For example, Nay, hush and she repeat it twice in this line and other as way for the reader to pay attention to the way Christina Rossetti play with words to create rhythm through her poem.

    4. Yet my mouth waters still; To-morrow night I will Buy more;” and kiss’d her:

      This show similes for example, Rossetti used still and will as a way to show she was still thirsty and want more as a sign of glad or happy which lead a surprise wait for her tomorrow.

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    1. Thank you for this class Emily, it's nice to meet a professor who understands that people are just people. I hope getting your doctorate is everything you hope it will be!

  5. Oct 2016
    1. In Wall-E and the Toy Storytrilogy, the pleasure is of the suspen-sion of knowledge—the pleasure of notknowing.
    2. One of the distinct pleasures in Pixar’s films is the pleasure of seeing the deepest of human struggles, timeless philosophical questions projected in and through remote forms of representation.
    3. n Toy Story, Buzz hits his low point with an ominous limpness (and even more conspicuously having lost his arm), when he is forced to wear a ladies hat and become “Ms. Nesbit,” a participant in Sid’s sister’s tea-party. And in Toy Story 2, Stinky Pete, the evil prospector doll who has tried to force Woody to join him in completing the set of collectible Woody’s Roundup toys to be sent to the Konishi Toy Museum in Japan, meets his deservedly terrible fate when Andy’s toys shove him into a pink bag on an airport conveyor belt bearing the “Barbie” logo.
    4. As Ju-dith Halberstam has noted, Pixar films are also doing curious cultural work, in their “preoccupation with revolt, change, cooperation, and transforma-tion” (Halberstam 79).
    5. WALL-E not only anthropomorphizes but Westernizes our robot hero and the loving sequences between WALL-E and the two loves of his life, EVE and his pet cockroach, are loaded with Disney’s signal sentimen-tality.
    6. Though Pixar films don’t attempt to show sex or violence, the cultural work they have done rede-fining family film fare is an important by-product of contemporary regimes of film industry self-regulation. With the fourteen feature films Pixar has made over the twenty-seven years since its inception, it has garnered not only ex-tremely high box office figures but also (at least until 2011 with Cars 2) aston-ishingly uniform critical praise.
  6. Mar 2016
    1. Some countries execute people who were under 18 years old when the crime was committed, others use the death penalty against people who suffer mental problems. Before people die they are often imprisoned for years on “death row”. Not knowing when their time is up, or whether they will see their families one last time.

      To me this is just wrong. Someone is under 18 or with a disability they shouldn't just be killed and taken away from their families.

  7. Sep 2015
    1. “I’m leaving and I’m never coming back,”

      intensifies the mood of her leaving

    2. Wake up and smell zee bacons

      I'm glad to see that she adds her own humor. Who doesn't talk to their dogs that way?