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  1. Apr 2023
    1. Mental Health State of the World report published by Sapien Labs’ Mental Health Million Project suggests that over recent years we appear to be crossing a global tipping point.

      Annotate this report

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  4. Dec 2022
    1. The survey was conducted using surveymonkey.comand primary data were downloaded by DSRA. Thestatistical analyses, including a principal componentsanalysis, were done with SPSS.


    2. What benefits do teachers attribute to theirparticipation in mobile laboratory programs? Do teachers perceive that the mobile laboratoryexperience has an impact on student learning,student attitudes, and student behaviors? If so, whatis the impact?

      mostly teacher focused questions

      would need to explain why I'm looking at teacher's experiences first

    3. acquiring true control groups and she indicated that much ofthe feedback tended to be anecdotal and somewhat irregula

      eval and feedback is difficult as no true opportunity for control groups, and feedback is often anecdotal and irregular

    4. However, mobile laboratory programs aredesigned to do much more than provide equipment andsupplies. The value added by these programs stems fromaccess to engaging, substantive, and thought-provokinginquiry experiences for students and teachers. These includea range of laboratory experiences that involve studentscarrying out carefully specified procedures to verifyestablished scientific knowledge as well as experiences thatengage students in formulating questions, designinginvestigations, and creating and revising explanatory models[3]. Most mobile laboratory experiences for students rangefrom one to four days of laboratory-based activities thatsupplement required curricula. The flexibility of the mobilelaboratory format allows teachers to customize the time anddepth of the experience to the needs of their students andschool schedule. For example, some teachers opt to haveseveral classes work on the mobile laboratory duringregularly scheduled class periods for four or five days whileother teachers choose an in house field trip format thatallows the students to work on an investigation for the entireschool day. Mobile laboratory programs provideappropriately configured space, state-of-the-art equipment,and pedagogically-rich curricular materials, as well asprofessional staff who work with classroom teachers tocreate meaningful science explorations. The combination offacilities, staff, supplies, and materials enable mobilelaboratories to deliver outstanding laboratory learningexperiences for students and unique professionaldevelopment opportunities for teachers.

      it's not just the tools, it's the time, meaningful connections, and PD for teachers

    5. These“vehicles” may pique the curiosity of students andmotivate them to continue their study of science in highschool and beyond. As such, mobile science laboratoriesmay contribute to increasing the number of studentswho become science-literate citizens and members of thescience workforce



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    1. Today's changes to Search were made as part of Steam Labs, an initiative where we try out upcoming changes and gather feedback on their usefulness.By developing new features in Labs we're able to experiment more, without impacting everyone who uses Steam. This means we can try things which might not work out, and can receive user feedback much earlier in the development process. Not everyone uses Steam the same way, so the feedback we receive in Steam Labs helps us serve a wider audience.
  8. Nov 2019
    1. Tech Literacy Resources

      This website is the "Resources" archive for the IgniteED Labs at Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. The IgniteED Labs allow students, staff, and faculty to explore innovative and emerging learning technology such as virtual reality (VR), artifical intelligence (AI), 3-D printing, and robotics. The left side of this site provides several resources on understanding and effectively using various technologies available in the IgniteED labs. Each resources directs you to external websites, such as product tutorials on Youtube, setup guides, and the products' websites. The right column, "Tech Literacy Resources," contains a variety of guides on how students can effectively and strategically use different technologies. Resources include "how-to" user guides, online academic integrity policies, and technology support services. Rating: 9/10

  9. Oct 2017
  10. Jun 2017
    1. Anyone working with the latest generation of MIDI musical instruments – like the Eigenharp, LinnStrument, ROLI Seaboard, Haken Continuum and the Madrona Soundplane – has probably encountered the work of Belgium-based programmer & electronic musician Geert Bevin.

      My thoughts exactly.

      And it carries over to much of the world of expressiveness in electronic music, centred around the emerging MPE standard: Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression.

      Let me geek out a minute. ;)

      Coming late to this MPE game, been really taken by the fact that Bevin’s name is everywhere. Given his work with many manufacturers, it’s no exaggeration to say that this type of musical expressiveness wouldn’t have expanded the way it did if it weren’t for Geert Bevin. Of course, MPE isn’t that mainstream, yet. You could even say that it’s a bit of a niche, in terms of the already peculiar world of electronic music. Besides, it’s just an implementation of some things which have been in the MIDI specifications from the start, over 30 years ago. But there’s more than smoke, here.

      A few days ago, ROLI has announced the Seaboard Block, which might be the most affordable MPE device as of yet. It’s also the missing piece of the puzzle in ROLI’s lineup, linking the Seaboard line of highly expressive keyboards with the Blocks line of modular controllers. Some have been saying that the Seaboard Block is the point at which the Blocks line starts to make sense. Both there are more dots to connect. One is that ROLI also owns JUCE, which is fast becoming the tool of choice to develop music apps on multiple platforms, including mobile. Not sure how sophisticated JUCE’s MPE support is, but it does have some MPE-specific classes. Another point, mentioned in the comments on this interview, is that Bevin was instrumental in the MPE support in Moog’s Model 15 and Animoog synths on iOS. As these apps are quite influential, their continued development can have a big impact on the iOS part of the MPE scene.

      Speaking of iOS, the fact that the latest version of Audiobus can route MIDI could open up interesting possibilities. Jesse Chappell, developer of two MPE-savvy iOS apps (ThumbJam and DrumJam) has been teasing a forthcoming app which would somehow deal with MPE in a thorough way.

      And there’s a broader context for all of this. Hardware and software devices for electronic music (controllers, synthesizers, loopers, etc.) have been integrating into complete solutions. Several manufacturers have been doing both hardware and software. There aren’t that many hardware solutions for the sound output from MPE, but it’d only take a fairly simple box (maybe Arduino-based?) to allow much of the hardware synth world to receive MPE in an appropriate way (something which is already possible in software).

      So it really is a fascinating time to be getting into musical expressiveness through digital means.

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    1. In 2014 his lab unveiled the Foldscope, an origami-like paper microscope that magnifies objects up to 2,000 times but costs less than $1 to produce.

      Read about this invention! Very neat!

  13. Jun 2016
    1. In considering considerations, I think it’s important to begin with a thinking (or erasing?) exercise that asks you to forget everything you know or think you know about ed tech and start over.  
  14. May 2016
    1. FLEXspace is a repository and open online education resource institutions can use to research and share information about successful learning space design.
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    1. Apache Labs is a place for innovation where committers of the foundation can experiment with new ideas.

      Here's the door into making the ASF tooling better! Got an idea? Submit it! Got some code? Submit that too!!

  18. Dec 2014
    1. quién, cómo y dónde controlar el enorme poder que podían acumular los detentadores del laboratorio

      Novas elites e oligarquías fundamentadas no coñecemento. Lab implica exclusión