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  1. Apr 2021
    1. The word which we most often use io talk about the quality without a name is the word “alive.”

      It is interesting to me that this is being offered as a quasi-definition. Since reading [[notsof]] I've started to see spaces around the city (I love walking in cities) as "dead" or "alive" -- even without having a formal definition for those terms.

  2. Jun 2019
    1. In 1953 I realized that the straight line leads to the downfall of mankind. But the straight line has become an absolute tyranny. The straight line is something cowardly drawn with a rule, without thought or feeling; it is the line which does not exist in nature. And that line is the rotten foundation of our doomed civilization. Even if there are places where it is recognized that this line is rapidly leading to perdition, its course continues to be plotted. ..Any design undertaken with the straight line will be stillborn. Today we are witnessing the triumph of rationalist know-how and yet, at the same time, we find ourselves confronted with emptiness. An aesthetic void, dessert of uniformity, criminal sterility, loss of creative power. Even creativity is prefabricated. We are no longer able to create. That is our real illiteracy.   Friedensreich Hundertwasser