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    1. https://openmentions.com/

      A community site in the form of HackerNews, Reddit, et al or IndieNews or IndieWeb.xyz that runs on material submitted by webmention.

      I thought I'd bookmarked it earlier this year when it opened up.

      Run by Matt: https://lordmatt.co.uk/

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    1. Also, through groups like ClimateAction.Tech and publicly created documents like the Sustainable Web Manifesto, a burgeoning global community of designers and developers has emerged to address these issues head on, which is also encouraging. In 2013, Mightybytes created Ecograder and Sustainable Web Design to help website owners better understand the environmental impact of their digital products and services. We hope to redesign the former in 2021. We’re in the process of redesigning the latter with Wholegrain Digital, another B Corp agency that also created a website carbon calculator. Many similar projects, like Branch from ClimateAction.Tech, are now popping up left and right. It’s an exciting time to be a purpose-driven designer or developer. 
    1. Patrick: Being a software developer, I mostly look at the technical side. So inspiration primarily comes from communities like ClimateAction.Tech and people who work on lowering the impact of digital services.Tom Greenwood wrote a wonderful book on sustainable web design. And there's Chris Adams, who's one of the founders of the Green Web Foundation, promoting service providers that use 100% green energy. And there's also Christian Kroll the founder of Ecosia, which is a climate positive search engine. He shaped that organisation in such a way that its goal is really to make a difference, to make the world better and and not to make a profit, which I think is a wonderful idea.
    1. Do you have any recommended resources that helped you learn about climate breakdown?The ClimateAction.Tech Slack is worth your time: some deep knowledge in that community, but it’s still open and welcoming to people stepping into climate issues for the first time.
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