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  1. Apr 2023
    1. AnthonyJohn @AnthonyJohn@pkm.socialDo you ever get the feeling that you're in an abusive relationship is note taking apps. I've used then all and in my pursuit for perfection have achieved absolutely nothing. This is the subject of my next long-form essay. subscribe for free at http://notentirelyboring.com to read it first. (And you'll also get a weekly newsletter thats not entirely boring)#PKM #NoteTaking #Obsidian #RoamResearch #Logseq #BearApr 20, 2023, 24:40

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      Perfectionism and Shiny object syndrome are frequently undiagnosed diseases. Are you sure it's not preventing you from building critical mass in one place to actually accomplish your goals? Can't wait to see the essay.

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  2. Mar 2023
    1. Uno studio facente parte del piano vaccinale italiano 2017-2019 del ministero della salute ha evidenziato come i vaccini facciano risparmiare molto in cure, ospedalizzazioni e farmaci prevenendo le malattie ed evitando le spese che si sosterrebbero curandole. Tali valori sono destinati ad aumentare di anno in anno, in quanto i soggetti vaccinati restano immunizzati e a questi si aggiungono quelli vaccinati negli anni successivi. Quindi ogni anno aumenta il numero di casi evitati e di conseguenza il relativo risparmio.

      I vaccini sono alla base di moltissime patologie non causate da agenti infettivi (NonCommunicable Diseases) il cui incremento percentuale nei prossimi 10 anni è previsto nella misura del 60% A ciò si aggiungano le patologie su base genetica la cui origine avrebbe luogo a causa dei vaccini somministrati ai giovani delle generazioni precedenti. I vaccini pediatrici modificherebbero l'espressività di numerosi geni inducendo errori nella sintesi proteica ed originando così proteine anomale e quindi malattie fra le quali, numerose patologie autoimmuni...

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    1. What Alexander had found is that we’ve fundamentally misunderstood what addiction is. It isn’t a moral failing. It isn’t a disease. Addiction is an adaptation to your environment. It’s not you; it’s the cage you live in.”

      This is a fascinating thesis to follow up on. How about digital distractions and addictions to the internet and social media?

      We'll need some harder science to follow up on it than this piece.

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    1. Water borne diseases list

      water borne diseases list causes of typhoid in hindi:

      Baciliary dysentery or shigellosis. Cholera. Hepatitis A. Typhoid fever. Malaria. Dengue fever. Ascariasis or Round worm infection. Campylobacteriosis. Giardiasis.

  12. Dec 2020
    1. As the number of industries increases as well as vehicles, it impact air which we breath. Diseases caused by pollution are severe and WHO states that 9 out of 10 people in the world breathe in polluted air. Allergy solutions are many but the key to keep pollution allergy at bay is to ensure the air quality is high. Outdoor allergies caused by pollution cannot be controlled instantly but with certain measures the risk can be reduced.

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    1. man.” Henry Moss, unbeknownst to Americans, was s uffering from vitiligo, a skin disease t hat c auses t he loss of s kin color, making one’s dark skin lighten.
  17. Dec 2018
    1. Fidoace is a liver support supplement for dogs. It not only helpful for dog’s liver but also develop a resistance to fight against wide range of dog diseases. It is helpful in improving digestion and liver function in dog and cat.

  18. Sep 2016
    1. heart disease, diabetes and cancer

      Not the best source or argumentation. But these are the key ones we may remember from Eaton, Konner, and Shostack