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  1. Aug 2020
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    1. Remember that Unix’s forte (or not, depending on your point of view) has always been that it’s a self-hosted operating system designed to make it easy to develop itself, and the result is (still) that advanced system administration often ends up being programming in one way or another. In such a context, exposure to better tools and techniques is good for everyone.
    1. Acknowledge programmer questions for what they are and wede the scope further by offering a programmer's answer. One written in a proper programming language.
  3. Apr 2020
    1. Nos robots sont entièrement programmables via une interface graphique, ou directement par le biais de notre kit de développement logiciel et des outils de codage

      Quand même pas donné à tous de coder, je me demande si le guide est vraiment pratique. Les enfants peuvent peut être glisser directement les "boîtes" précodées dans la console mais n'importe comment cela demande quand même une certaine compréhension du monde de la programmation, adopter une logique propre à cet univers et aniticiper le scénari de l'interaction homme-robot. On est encore loin de l'IA surpuissante façon Westworld.

    1. The point is that users should be in control of their data, which means they need an easy way of accessing it. Providing an API or the ability to download 5,000 photos one at a time doesn't exactly make it easy for your average user to move data in or out of a product.
    2. It's typically a lot easier for software engineers to pull data out of a service that they use than it is for regular users. If APIs are available, we engineers can cobble together a program to pull our data out. Without APIs, we can even whip up a screen scraper to get a copy of the data. Unfortunately, for most users this is not an option, and they're often left wondering if they can get their data out at all.
    1. Then the programmer(s) will go over the scenarios, refining the steps for clarification and increased testability. The result is then reviewed by the domain expert to ensure the intent has not been compromised by the programmers’ reworking.
    1. Enable Frictionless Collaboration CucumberStudio empowers the whole team to read and refine executable specifications without needing technical tools. Business and technology teams can collaborate on acceptance criteria and bridge their gap.