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    1. s that such involvement is usually considered as lacking in research objectivity (Oakl

      Criticism about getting too familiar with research subjects based on lack of objectivity.

    2. In the same way, although research may have done something for the poor, it also reflects their unequal position. Firstly, the decisions to undertake studies are made not by the socially deprived but generally by statutory departments, by research units, by people like you and me. Secondly, the processes used to collect material also reinforce notions of superiority and inferiority. Ann Oakley, from a feminist perspective, explains that traditional social research interviewing is based on the following assumption

      Power Imbalances of research.<br> 1)what gets studied is determined in academia. 2) Superior (researcher) - Subordinate (interviewee)



    1. ethical frameworkswithin different cultural contexts

      Ethics for doing qualitative studies differ from cultures and national settings.

    2. large investment in resources needed to embedoneself in many different contexts.

      It's expensive to do ethnography - embedded in a community.

    3. Doubly engaged social science is the underlying epistemo-logical paradigm of several methodological approaches; aresearcher may be able to provide robust analyses and establishmultiple causal pathways for urban poverty using quantitativemethodologies, panel data or cross-sectional large-N studies,and field experiments. Another scholar may opt for qualitativeapproaches including participant observation, focus groups,ethnographic immersion, and one-on-one structured inter-views.

      Various epistemologies and methodological approaches available.

    4. Our approachto fieldwork has been largely driven by Canadian research’sminimal harm principle.1

      Used to do research "minimal harm approach" but that left subjects open to stimatization, not empowerment.

      Why should researchers be concern about empowering the communities they study?? - Because this is the researcher as the activist approach.

    5. ngaged and socially responsiblesocial science method, suggesting that such approaches can be“doubly engaged”

      Double engagement = 1) Engaged in research 2) Social responsibility ---- sensetive and self-reflective

    6. scholar-activists

      Scholar as activist

    7. ethics

      There's an ethics criticism of using ethnography to study vulnerable communities

    8. Ethnography is a powerful qualitative method that helps usunderstand individual and community behaviour.

      Ethnography is qualitative and powerful



    1. emancipatory aim of a women’s sociology derive from its close connections with the con- temporary women’s movement as well as from our particular position as women researchers

      connection of emancipation goal of sociological women's research with political aims of women's movement.

    2. nexamined the social processes lying behind the correlations

      Problem w previous gem research is unexamined social processes that create inequities



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    1. Yet, one type of behavior has been almost completely ignored by economists,1 although scarce resources are used and it has been followed in some form by practically all adults in every recorded society. I refer to marriage

      highlights a gap in study - underscoring the importance of his work.



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    1. ntific truth. History is a story Western culture buffs tell each other; science is a contestable text and a power field; the content is the fo

      Feminists have made these arguments: History is story-telling, science is the analysis of truth through analyzing texts from a place of power And the content of these arguments is the form ( of how meaning is produced, distributed and consumed) (Hayden White) ---the feminist critique is that science isn't objective. ---

    2. es.' According to these tempt- ing views, no insider's perspective is privileged, because all draw- ings of inside-outside boundaries in knowledge are theorized as power moves, not moves toward truth. So, from the strong social constructionist perspective, why should we be cowed by scien- tists' descriptions of their activity and accomplishments; they and their patrons have stakes in throwing sand in our eyes. They tell parables about objectivity and scientific method to students in the first years of their initiation, but no practitioner of the high scien- tific arts would be caught dead acting on the textbook versions. Social constructionists make clear that official ideologies about ob- jectivity and scientific method are particularly bad guides to how scientific knowledge is actually made. Just as for the rest of us, what scientists believe or say they do and what they really do have a very loose fi

      Criticism of social constructionists - that the elite (insiders) espouse to objectivity and method - but they don't actually use objectivity and method - hypocrites. SHe is making reference to Kuhn.

    3. ra's "special-interest groups" in the rarified realm of epistemology, where traditionally what can count as knowledge is policed by philosophers codifying cognitive

      Marginalization of feminists in Reagan era...Resistance to traditional thoughts about the construct of knowledge.

    1. critical race theorists had as their objective, ending ex-clusive reliance upon civil rights litigation, storytelling to broaden public con-sciousness of racism and discrimination under the law



    1. I wantto argue that its methodology provides rich theoretical insights into contem-porary practices in community development.

      introduces the framework of Foucault.

    2. Community development is also a problematic concept, subject to differ-ent meanings and multiple interpretations. In this work, community devel-opment is understood as a‘social profession’(seeBanks, 2004), situatedinside the welfare state—readers should note that my focus is not on formsof community development which takes place in other areas—for example,the Third Sector.

      defines community development in terms of part of the gvt. welfare state and not 3rd sector (ngos)

    3. quantifiable outcomes and outputs

      new managerialism -

    4. eoliberalism as‘the elevation of market-based principles andtechniques of evaluation to the level of state-sponsored norms’

      defines neoliberalism



    1. wer comes from below; that is, there is no binary and all-encompassing opposition between rulers and ruled at the root of power relations, and serving as a general matrix -no such duality extending from the top down and react-ing on more and more limited groups to the very depths of the social body.

      he's still defining what power it.

    2. The omnipresence of power: not because it has the privilege of consolidating everything under its invincible unity, but because it is produced from one moment to the next

      preceded by what his definition of power isn't to defining it.

      power is always present.

    3. The doubts I would like to oppose to the repressive hy-pothesis are aimed less at showing it to be mistaken than at putting it back within a general economy of discourses on sex in modern societies since the seventeenth century.

      Here he outlines his approach. Not to refute the repressive hypothesis. Rather, put it into context of "discourse of sex in modern society since the 17th century". Answering all the questions that follow. Why is sex such a topic or interest? What are people saying about it? How has talking about it generated power? How do the conversations link together?

    4. Why do we say, with so much passion and so much resentment against our most recent past, against our present, and against ·~ We "Other Victorians" 9 ourselves, that we are repressed? By what spiral did we come to affirm that sex is negated? What led us to show, ostenta-tiously, that sex is something we hide, to say it is something we silence?

      We are we resentful in the assertion that we are repressed and that sex is negated - hidden?

    5. To say that sex is not repressed, or rather that the relationship be-tween sex and power is not characterized by repression, is to risk falling into a sterile paradox. It not only runs counter to a well-accepted argument, it goes against the whole economy and all the discursive "interests" that underlie this argument.

      The relationship between sex and power is characterized by repression.



    1. The type of social science in which we are interested is an empirical science of concrete reality.Our aim is the understanding of the characteristic uniqueness of the reality in which we move. Wewish to understand on the one hand the relationships and the cultural significance of individualevents in their contemporary manifestations and on the other the causes of their beinghistorically so and not otherwise.

      CRITICAL: This is where Weber states what he is attempting to accomplish. He is an Empiricist. He wants to understand the meaning of the distinctive observable facts or events that form our reality. Social scientists only focus on a particular part of scientific investigation - breaking it down to its tiny components. He uses the term "astronomical" - to explain a "constalation" of events that can *divine (see middle of page 15) causality and the relationship between one thing and another.



    1. Does the term alternativemedia exclusively refer to politically progressive, left-wing media that aim at challenging capitalism and corporate (media)power, or does the term also include conservative, right-wing, and repressive media (Downing, 2001, p. 88)

      Refining the definition of "alternative media"

    2. theoretical conceptualization of the term alternative media is needed.

      explaining the preceding quote, the authors indicate that they are taking a Meso (institutional approach) to analyzing "alternative media"

    3. alternative to mainstream media, or if the term implies thatsuch media want to challenge all forms of domination and foster societal alternatives to capitalism

      defining the term alternative in terms of media.

    4. Participatory media approaches stress that democratic media potentials

      Participatory media is good for democracy because it opens up production to people with other ideas and perspectives.



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    1. setup(); for (;;) { loop(); if (serialEventRun) serialEventRun(); }

      The main of Sparkfun's Ardunio code. Note setup is called and then loop is called inside an infinite loop. setup is used for configuring pins, etc and loop is the actual program that is executed.

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    1. Setting Up Jamf Pro The first time you connect to the Jamf Pro server, the Jamf Pro Setup Assistant guides you through the following setup tasks: Accept the license agreement. Enter your activation code. Create your first Jamf Pro user account. Enter your Jamf Pro URL.The Jamf Pro URL is the URL that client applications, computers, and mobile devices will connect to when communicating with the Jamf Pro server.

      Setup JAMF pro

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    1. So rather than waiting further we decided to instrument the existing web interface — not a terribly elegant or reliable solution but it works for now.

      Sigh, it looks like we'll need to do something similar for H in order to automate the Firefox extension build process unless APIs are ready soon.

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    1. The configuration file itself can be treated as an extension if it contains a setup() function.

      This can be used to embed H in readthedocs pages

    1. The project also adheres closely to the Google Python Style Guide.

      The style guides moved to GitHub. Links should be updated

      JavaScript - http://google.github.io/styleguide/javascriptguide.xml Python - http://google.github.io/styleguide/pyguide.html

    2. We use a combination of [JSHint](http://jshint.com) and [JSCS](http://jscs.info) for helping confirm code style conformance.

      Couple of minor links to fix.

    3. Please stick to strict, 80-column line limits except for small exceptions that would still be readable if they were truncated. Eliminate trailing whitespace wherever possible.

      The .editorconfig file doesn't have rules for this at the moment, though they could be added

    1. Copy your extension’s ID from the chrome://extensions page. Chrome generates this ID the first time you install the extension and will reuse it each time your rebuild or reinstall the extension

      Need to check whether this is actually still necessary or not. The extension ID can be fixed in the manifest to avoid the need for this dance.

    1. Add a node symlink. This is needed because the node binary from Ubuntu is called nodejs but many packages will try to run it as node:

      Might be worth recommending installation of Node from nodejs' website instead.

    2. Please consult the administration documentation for more information on accessing the admin dashboard.

      Should be a link to appropriate admin docs

    3. Once installed, running nsqd in its default configuration should suffice for integration with h in a development environment

      Running make dev currently succeeds with no warnings or errors if nsqd is not running.

      How do I verify that H is able to communicate with nsqd?

    4. The h project uses ElasticSearch (v1.0 or later) as its principal data store for annotation data, and requires the ElasticSearch ICU Analysis plugin to be installed

      Sounds obvious, but should have a note here about making sure that ES is actually running.

    5. Using the bookmarklet or otherwise embedding the application may not be possible on sites accessed via HTTPS due to browser policy restricting the inclusion of non-SSL content.

      I think this is out of date?

    6. If you don’t have your h/node_modules/.bin directory on your PATH then you’ll get errors because the Node modules you’ve installed can’t be found (for example: Program file not found: uglifyjs). To add the Node modules to your PATH:

      This isn't something you would normally expect to need to do with a node project. Any gulpfiles, Makefiles or other tools should usually reference the binary in ./node_modules/.bin directly. Any particular reason for this?

    1. If you want to annotate a site that’s served over https then you’ll need to serve h over https as well, otherwise the browser will refuse to launch h and give a mixed-content warning.

      Might be a good idea to make this the default recommendation since so much web content is served via HTTPS nowadays.

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    1. Now, I observe that you, with all your cleverness, do not venture to contradict your favourite in any word or opinion of his; but as he changes you change, backwards and forwards.

      Setting the stage, he claims the high ground, putting Callicles on the defense.