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  1. May 2022
  2. Feb 2022
    1. used to receive any passengers whodid not have a certificate of freedom from infection fromthe local health officer.

      I wonder how this was received by the workers who implemented this rule. In the 2020's, this placed a burden on the service workers and often caused them physical harm by the patrons upon requesting proof of vaccination. Did the workers of the early 1900's face similar troubles?

    1. but almost "stampedout. " '

      The innovation of smallpox vaccines had been contested from the 1890's but now the argument of anti-vaccinationists rely on the modern perceptions of unproven studies. The irony in believing a falsified bit of information, claimed to have been proven my a medical study, over verified sources that also rely on medical studies that, according to anti-vaxxers, cannot be trusted.

  3. Apr 2021
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